paul treseler

Well, I just joined and no-one seems to check or communicate.
i also just joined MacOS9lives. Looks like a good amount of stuff to help me. A LOT of reading.
I just loaded 9.2.2 on an Audio Visual 733Mhz with 1.5G of ram.
It is ever so nice to see a G4 in 9 running again. When I got it it had been NOT Fedora properly and was trying to run 256 and 512 of Micron in slots 3 and 3. Very sad.
Anyways, after reading your 2014 Universal install of 9.2.2 I gotta' fire up and see what ROM and CPU version I got.
i already updated the Firmware/BIOS so now to see even more details to running factory and safe.
My question to you is what version of the Stuffit I should use.
I am going to insall the 7.03 Classic from here. Should work. We'll see.