This page is a demonstration of VotingAPI's integration with the Views module. It's set up to display nodes sorted by point ratings, the style used by the Plus1 and VoteUpDown modules.

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themacmeister Enhanced CU-See Me 3 years ago 0 points
Daxeria Street Rumble 4 years ago 0 points
mrdav Sports Illustrated Multimedia Almanac: 1994/1995 Editions 10 weeks ago 0 points
wlewisiii .3gp player? 2 years ago 0 points
IIGS_User A Brief History of Time 1 year ago 0 points
Euryale AppleWorks 6.x 4 years ago 0 points
mrdav Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-o-Rama 39 weeks ago 0 points
Timekeeper102 Armor 4 years ago 0 points
OSH Fly! II Working scenery image 16 hours ago 0 points
MacinTricks Tabletop 2 years ago 0 points