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How to Hack the MacSoft Driver Demo

Hacking code:
Go into Scripts/Missions/ in your Driver Demo Directory. There should be a file by the name of "mission661.dms" (Make a backup of this file before making changes).

Edit that file. Inside, you can change the way the cops operate, get unlimited damage, eliminate your time limit, and change your car.

A safe alternative to removing the lines as directed is to add two slashes to the beginning of the line (The game will ignore anything placed after two slashes).

Unlimited damage:
Remove the following lines:

MaxPlayerDamage 24576 file://( 0 ->4096*6 is range)

Unlimited time:
Remove the following lines:

DebugInfo 1
Countdown 70 file://UK 60 seconds USA 70 seconds

Change the weather:
Add any combination of these in a space following the "FelonyBarId 195" line:

Snowing (This doesn't seem to do anything, but loads as a valid argument)

Change your car:
Replace the "0" in "PlayerCarType 0" to one of the following numbers:

0 - Original Car
1 - Crew Cab Pickup
2 - "Luxury"/Pimp Coupe
3 - Sports Coupe
4 - Camaro SS (Fast: 110+)
5 - Toronado
6 - Nova
7 - Cadillac Sedan
8 - Bonneville
9 - Chevelle
10 - Police Cruiser (Horn activates lights and siren)
11 - Cadillac? Coupe
12 - Firebird/Camaro Z28
13 - Taxi
14 - Cadillac Sedan
15 - Error (Do not use)
16 - Jaguar (Crazy Fast: 170+)
17 - '55 Thunderbird (Crazy Fast)

Note: Cars 16 and 17 seem buggy (too fast/engine sounds cut out, etc.).

Bomb transport:
Use the following lines:

PlayerCarType 4
OpponentBar "KaBOOM"
FailedMessage "KaBOOM"

This will give you a pickup (with the performance of the Camaro SS) with a box on the rear. The box will blow up if you drive too roughly.

Disable the "Lose the Tail" mission:
To do this, remove the following lines (Note: These are scattered throughout the file, with important stuff in-between, so don't just delete everything):

SetMaximumCops 0
Cop_Respawn 65000

Cops_Immortal 0

SpawnCops 1, 3067, 45609, 441019
//AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019

ForceFelonyRating 1

InformPlayerById 5,103

Set Objective 2

MustBeHidden 1 //Must arrive at drop off point without a tail
NeedToLoseTail 1
OuterRadius 1000000


InformPlayerById 5,3
wait 2

Disabling the "Lose The Tail" mission will enable "prowling" cops.

More cop stuff:
Placing a "trigger cop" allows you to drive freely without any cop intervention until activated. To enable this, do not remove the line:

AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019

This will cause an inactive police cruiser to be placed directly behind your starting position. It will remain inactive unless provoked, thereby activating all of the cops.

You will probably find two slashes at the beginning of either the line "SpawnCops 1, 3067, 45609, 441019" or the line "AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019"(I found them before "AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019"). If you find them before the "SpawnCops" line, you may ignore them. If you find them as I did, be sure to remove the slashes when placing a trigger cop or you will encounter problems.

Set the number of cops you wish to have chasing you by changing the "1" in "SetMaximumCops 1" (I find three is a pretty good number).

...or you can disable cops by changing "Cops_on" to "Cops_off".

You can also add the line:

CopWipeOutDamage 7000

This will determine the amount of damage it takes to disable a police cruiser (If this line is not present, it takes about one solid head-on crash to destroy a cop).

Reach 200+mph:
First of all, select the Jaguar (car type 16). Start the game as usual, find a nice long road, and gain speed around 100-110mph. Release the accelerator (and burn out if you're using it), and hold down the cruise control key (T is the default).

Instead of slowing down to cruise speed (30-40mph), your car will continue speeding up, past its usual 178mph or so. I hit 207mph.

Additional missions:
You will also find four other mission scripts located in the Missions/ folder, each with a different name. If you change the name of any of these to "mission661.dms", that mission will be loaded the next time you start up the game (Of course you have to change the name of the original "mission661.dms" in order to use that name on any of the other files). Listed below are the settings for each of the five missions:

mission46.dms - mission script for Take a Ride, Miami, set in a small parking garage in Bal Harbor
mission47.dms - mission script for Take a Ride, Frisco, set in the middle of San Francisco
mission146.dms - mission script for Take a Ride, Miami (NIGHT), set in the parking garage at night
mission346.dms - mission script for Take a Ride, Miami, set down town during a thunderstorm
mission661.dms - the default demo mission script for Getaway, Miami, set in an alleyway

The additional missions do not contain a time limit or a "lose the tail" mission, but can be edited in much the same way as the original.