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Zaum Gadget

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zaum_gadget.sit (627.69 KB)
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Zaum Gadget is an interactive cyber event.

There are many possible hyper-coordinates to navigate.

And there are many traps and reoccurrences.

This 800K file is the only example of crossmedia psychotronic beliefware currently extant. The original program was found by Mr. Hardiker in Babelian ruins dated 9999 BC & deciphered from a since forgotten machine language. It is thought that Zaum Gadget was a subliminal event-structure capable of subtly manipulating the beliefs of any participant. A maze of twisted sound effects, extant texts, & interactive visuals.

(version √-1+? [sic])


"This stack is designed to be run from the hard disk. Sounds will break up & distort if run from the floppy drive."


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by SkyCapt - 2017, November 14 - 9:31pm

9999 BC, those were the good old days! This version number looks like it's meant to convey "square root of minus one, plus unknown quantity" in which case for those not math savvy sqrt (-1) is an Imaginary Number, the simplest imaginary number "i" therefore can be expressed "i + x". Now solve x