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Worms Blast

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For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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"Worms Blast is a puzzle game similar in concept to Puzzle Bobble, with several important distinctions and gameplay features taken from Worms games. Instead of releasing and matching bubbles, the player has to color blocks on a hexagonal grid. Unlike most Bust-A-Move variants, the player character can move right and left, sailing in a boat. Various weapons, such as bazooka, grenades, dynamite, and others, can be used to fire at the blocks, coloring them on impact. Like in the main, artillery-based Worms games, holding down the fire button increases the power of the weapon, affecting the distance it travels.

If the player hits a block that is either the same color as the missile fired, that block and any other same-colored blocks adjacent to it will be destroyed. Differently-colored blocks will not be affected by shooting at them; however, if they are held solely by a group of blocks of the same color, they will fall into the water when that group disappears. Blocks with rainbows on them can count as any color. Unlike Puzzle Bobble, there are no walls in single-player mode. If the player aims the weapon outside of the screen, a heavy object might fall on the player-controlled boat, damaging it.

The game's main mode is called 'Puzzle mode': the player completes various stages, the goal being different in each (e.g. shooting down certain forms of blocks, avoiding hostile blocks that move around the screen, etc.). Beside this mode, the game features a single-player tournament mode with high scores, as well as a variety of multiplayer modes. The action component is particularly noticeable in this mode, since the walls between the areas will periodically open, allowing players to use this opportunity to shoot at each other's boats."

Read more at and the Official Worms Blast Website.

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PowerPup's picture
by PowerPup - 2011, October 9 - 5:28pm

Ah, okay. I missed the "sold by Gametendo" on the page. Tongue

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2011, October 9 - 12:28pm

Yes, and MacPlay was just the distributor of the Mac version. Feral Interactive published it, and there is no longer any sign of it on their website. The game's developer Team 17 maintains information and a demo download of it on their site, but that is all. The offerings for sale on Amazon and elsewhere for all platforms are second-hand.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2011, October 9 - 7:43am

Exactly, it's a second-hand listing (and won't sell outside US [or allows that for 3rd-party re-sellers]), but this link is very useful for other peoples who want to *buy* the game.

MacPlay is no more.

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2011, October 9 - 3:00am

That's a listing from an individual seller on Amazon for old stock. It is not still being published.

PowerPup's picture
by PowerPup - 2011, October 9 - 12:36am

This game is still being published by MacPlay: