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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
webmaster.toast_.sit (266.02 MB)
MD5: 1a0e0e08e227c451c0743bc0c2c8e418
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
This game works with: SheepShaver,

Navigate the Dream Wide Web to seek and root out the malevolent Hacker.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)

This is a hybrid CD-ROM for PC & Mac.

System requirements Macintosh:

System requirements Windows:

Common requirements:


butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2014, August 24 - 4:55am

Thank you for sharing. I played this game when I was a child. I played only Easy difficulty, and I always ended up stuck and unable to pass third level firewall.

What can we call this theme? It is a 'happy virtual world', a 'digital dreamscape', where something bad happened. Like Darwinia. Not really Cyberpunk.

In USA is an educational television cartoon for children, titled Cyberchase. Webmaster reminds me of Cyberchase: in a happy society, one criminal shows up, who meets no resistance and takes over. A hero must solve puzzles and save the world.

This virtual sub-world, named Dream Wide Web, is a paradise land (or maybe a domain) in the World Wide Web. DWW was once inhabited by Getties and people like you. One day, an outsider came to DWW, bringing in a lot of caramel chocolate. He called all Getties to form his private army. In exchange for their total loyalty, he would pay them in chocolate. He is called Evil Hacker, and he is the villain.

The Getties unanimously agreed to do everything E.H. says. Every Getty, except one: Enzo. Enzo was ill when E.H. came to town, so he did not attend the big meeting. All other Getties suspected Enzo would try to take their chocolates, so they allied against Enzo. E.H.'s army scared all people inhabitants of DWW into hiding underground: they are called Subterraneans. E.H. erected firewalls to keep people away from him, and he is polluting the world.

No matter which difficulty level you choose, level one is easy. To pass each level, to open its firewall, requires finding a combination of three cards. You will accumulate cards picked-up off the ground (the easiest way) and by winning mini-games: net surfing, can throwing, hunting Getties, air hockey, and dice (the only easy game).

Each site is connected to two or three others by huge network cables (like sewers or stormwater channels). You will surf these pipes to get cards. Surfing the tubes is delightful at first. It is a bit of Hollywood computing. It reminds me of a motion simulator ride. The view is not perfectly steady, the pipe is not absolutely flat and straight as in some driving games: it shifts slightly in all directions, some fast packets whiz by you, and slower traffic will collide with you unless you steer away. Very good sound effects make you feel speed.

I like the game art. The Dream Wide Web is a fun, pretty world. I wish to explore more of it; I wish the developers had designed a fifth level. The world has believable sound. As you progress, the Getties become louder and more annoyed by you. Background music is repetitive, but not annoying. After playing mini-games or submitting cards, are Good sounds and Bad sounds. The squelches, buzzes, dings and tones make this little cyberspace addicting.

The radio station, Radio U.R.L., is useless. Instructions describe it as an important source of information, but it is little more than coverage of unseen sports. (Instructions also state, you catch virus by picking-up a card; but infection actually can happen anywhere, anytime, no action required.) The Getties do not even want to take radio cards from you.

Unfortunately, this game is hard. I played "Medium" difficulty.

The 'shufflepuck' air hockey game is very difficult.

Surfing the net for cards in level four, takes me at least nine tries.

Hunting a Getty can take longer than ten minutes. And bloody Enzo gets in the way, blocking my view!

I managed to hit a Getty with a can, only once.

I spent several minutes trying to throw a stone at that airplane in level one. If you ever manage to hit it, then let me know what is outcome.

And "Hard" choice of difficulty, is almost impossible! Those cursed Getties will take cards which they find on the ground. The firewalls are so crucial, the very GOAL of the game is to open them, so I expect to be in peace while inserting my cards. Well, there is no peace. As I inserted my cards into firewall 2, a bandit Getty snatched a card out of the compartment. I was furious. I cursed at it. I quit the game. The only way to get that card back, is to win shufflepuck. This leaves me wondering, what safety do I have? Can I leave cards in bulletin boards, or will Getties steal them?

I hoped I would encounter The Vanishing virus, but instead I faced Grey World. Instructions state, one catches a virus by picking-up a card, behind which a bug is hiding. But that is not how I contracted it. I was busy hunting a Getty, when suddenly Enzo steps on-screen to tell me I have a virus. Way to go, aborting my chase. Grrr!

I already picked-up or won the correct cards, So I went to the swamp to cure it. The antidote-making machine takes my cards, tosses a huge capsule into the pond, and Grey World is cured. (Plot hole: if I contracted virus, then why throw the antidote into pond to cure the bugs? What about me and all of the infected bugs walking around?) (tip: Do not give a wrong card to machine between right cards. I thought, I can give it anything so long as it gets the right cards, it will make antidote. But no: give it two right cards and one wrong, and you will need to re-acquire the two good cards and give them to machine once again, next time without any wrong ones.)

A few minutes later, I contracted Grey World AGAIN. 'Are you kidding me?' The antidote is not a permanent cure. After picking-up or surfing to win the ingredients once, the only way to get a second batch is to play tiresome mini-games. Nuts to that! How miserable must it be to play "Hard", where you will contract more than one kind of virus, possibly each multiple times! For this reason, I suggest playing "Easy". "Medium" is not worth the effort, and "Hard" is hell. (But I am a poor gamer. Maybe a hardcore gamer can win "Hard". I advise you not to try. "Easy" is tedious enough, and "Medium" is hard enough.)

The game gives you a break, in level four. There, you can play a dice game "21" to get any card. Just save your progress before gambling, and if you lose at dice, then reload. It is almost effortless. Just click and release the die: chance determines outcome. If you tie with the Getty opponent, then you get opponent's wager. A clear winner gets all cards, opponent's and their own.

I will spoil plot now, so stop reading.

Bugs live near water in DWW. E.H. has been polluting the forests and water, dumping leaky batteries, snail shells, cat paws, motor oil and other ingredients of his Awful Elixers. On the bulletin board, Subterraneans call E.H. so ugly, that I began to feel a bit sorry for him. I thought, could this be a plot twist? Did E.H. turn dark after facing discrimination during his whole life? When he concludes his cosmetics research, will he become kindly?

I open the final firewall. Enzo says 'Well done. Find a pencil and write down the code exactly.', then a code, a few alphabet letters, is shown. Click to proceed. A twenty second video: E.H. is holding a potion up, looking at it closely, then turns and sees that you stepped in to his room. He turns away, runs toward a small brown box, jumps into the box (shrinks to fit, like a genie). The box makes a couple hops away from you, then a long hop up into a network pipe. E.H. has fled from DWW to real WWW.

There is no satisfying ending! Player is to chase E.H. onto a real Internet Web site (,,, for some final ending, which no longer exists. Bummer.

Webmaster is a creative game. I like it, but I hate necessary laborious mini-games. Today, it is normal for games to have automatic difficulty adjustment: lose a fight in the same spot, few times in a row, and you get cut some slack so you can continue, rather than give-up and abort the game. I think, Webmaster badly needs this. Hunting, air hockey, surfing in levels three and four, and can throwing, is too difficult. Have a good mouse or trackball: I cannot play this with a trackpad. The real ending should have been on disc, not on a long-gone Web page. And it would have been nice, to have a fifth level to explore.

People say Oscar in Syberia is annoying, but I didn't think so. Enzo is really annoying. He even photo-bombed my screenshot of firewall one.

I rate Webmaster three stars.

Here is a quality review, by Michal Necasek at 2004-06-16 on Just Adventure.

Wouldn't it be great, if a Webmaster 2 was made, with same-old system requirements?

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2014, May 19 - 8:06pm

This year, the European Song Contest is more under the Sausage-like impression.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2013, June 16 - 9:10am

I have made a new external link. It is the same file as is on the internal server (I think).

Jacob_'s picture
by Jacob_ - 2013, June 15 - 10:35pm

What happened to the alternative DL? I'd really like to play this again.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2012, May 30 - 3:46pm

I'm sure your alternative copy is the same file as uploaded before.
I took a look into it, but it missed the file I've quoted below.

When the game works fine even if some files are missing, well, all is fine.

Thanks again for uploading your copy, Swedebear. Smile

I was even able to upload the manual, thought, extracted from original copy.

SwedeBear's picture
by SwedeBear - 2012, May 29 - 8:50pm

On the behalf of all the people sharing my native language: thank you. Smile
Oh, hope the alternative copy is of any use. Wink

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2012, May 29 - 4:57pm

Btw, nice song, nice performance, nice girl:
Loreen - Euphoria - Live - Grand Final - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2012, May 29 - 10:36am

Swedebear created a hidden archive somewhere on his offline hard disk drives.
How to 'hack' it to get access?

Thanks, I could look for the different between yours and the original CD-ROM.

SwedeBear's picture
by SwedeBear - 2012, May 29 - 9:44am

@IIGS_User: try the 'Alternative DL' link. It´s a different copy from bertyboy's

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2012, May 29 - 8:20am

Thanks for the hint, Bertyboy.
The OSX Terminal resulted in the same not-readable-file as the Mac Finder:

cp: /Volumes/Webmaster/ZDAT/webmast.dxx: Input/output error

At least, Terminal and Finder listed the same file.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2012, May 28 - 7:52pm

If you're handy with OSX Terminal, just to provide info on which files are unreadable, try a Terminal "cp -R" from the yop level of the CD to any disk directory. It'll begin to copy the disc hierarchy and spit out an error message of files it can't copy. Just so you know which files are affected.

You can decide if:
- the files are unimportant, so ignore the errors and make another disc image from the files that were successfully copied. It may be audio, or a file in a foreign language localisation, etc, etc.
- the files are required, so obtain them from another source.

I had to do this with a copy of an old OSX strategy game - I may have even loaded it here. Remember now, it was Celtic Kings. Had the original CD in English (off eBay) one file was unreadable, managed to find an image of the french release of the game CD from a questionable source, dl'd it and grabbed the file, burned myself a new master disc and re-imaged it. So the dates are wrong.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2012, May 28 - 3:39pm

Received this CD-ROM from, but there is a file located on it, which refuses to be copied.

I've cancelled the try to create a Toast image (after 9 hours of CD image writing process reached 94%, but 7 hours later still remaining at the same value).

Also trying to create a fresh disk image does not work, because the file "webmast.dxx", hidden within an invisible folder, won't be copied.

Please, who uploaded this initially, please upload again.