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MD5: f47400866135968100772b9eef2846bd
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver,

Waurie is a Mancala type game that I used to play when I lived in the Cayman Islands. I have a wonderful wooden board made by "Caribbean Charlie" that uses seeds from the knickerbocker tree as stones. Obviously the computer version can not compare to playing by the ocean while drinking beer with your friends (especially Kristin) but here it is.

The object in Waurie is simply to clear all stones from your side of the board. Waurie's rules can be learned very quickly, but as more games are played the intricacies and tactics of the end game become apparent. The computer will hi-lite a pit as the mouse moves over a legal move, a move is made by clicking on the pit.

Each player has one side of the board with 6 pits, and there are also two end pits. On a turn a player picks a pit on their side of the board and takes all the stones in that pit and then drops them one stone at time counter-clockwise starting with the next pit over. If the last stone dropped lands in the end pit next in turn from their side, the player gets another turn, otherwise the other player gets a turn. When one player clears their side, they win. Initial play can proceed fairly quickly, as it is not till the end game that the tactics can get fairly involved. The only other rule is that if a player has enough stones to fill up all the opponents pits, the next end pit is skipped.

Architecture: PPC


Mac OS 7.5 with 4 MB of free RAM.