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waterrace_german.cdr_.sit (65.08 MB)
MD5: 3e1e410d3bf260301dfdcd6fc0919ed9
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
WaterRace_German.bin_.sit (483.84 MB)
MD5: c7dbc88fda38f9d650cbc4daae20fa8b
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
waterrace_1.0.3_update.sit (1.85 MB)
MD5: 5feff5fba0310746437beed13239570f
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
waterrace_prefs.img_.sit (2.29 KB)
MD5: 9ddc057431b71825518b13ace32db2cd
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Water_Race.sit_.hqx (76.59 MB)
MD5: c8560bfc6ee4d30d014bf7c42ec2ef72
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
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"Waterrace is an international boat racing championship that brings together the eight best pilots from around the world who challenge each other on different courses. Each pilot can use the boat of their choosing and the races occur in the pilot's own country with each course having unique features. WaterRace boasts eight different pilots, eight different boats, and eight different locations plus the current champion with her boat and course that you can only see in the tournament. Is WaterRace a fun game to play? Read on to find out..."
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The Downloads on this page include:

Architecture: PPC

Requires Mac OS 8.5 or newer + 3D graphics card.
Waterrace 1.0.3 update is required to run the game in Classic environment.
The pre-configured Preferences file will prevent SheepShaver from crashing, saying 'Cannot set display state'.


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, February 14 - 8:22am

WaterRace draws its 3D using Apple's "QuickDraw 3D" (not OpenGL), so like Nanosaur this game can run without a GPU. Surprisingly fast with no GPU in OS9 on my G4 @1.6 GHz, Tested English v1.0.3 --no GPU reduces the rendering complexity a lot, like the surface of the water has squares in it seen in one of these screenshots, opposed to the main screenshot which shows GPU's better water and sandy seafloor in the shallows. Fog and transparencies don't work without GPU, so, half the tracks don't work without GPU. And I still get a ton of gfx glitches in OSX Classic mode using my OSX GPU, errors involving "clipping". This is a fun toy, but each level is too tiny and buggy.

Catar4x's picture
by Catar4x - 2016, November 19 - 8:42pm

The 1.1 version seems only done for the demo release only.

To get/rip the audio from the .cue file, edit the first line of the file like this:
FILE "WaterRace_German.bin" BINARY

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2015, April 3 - 5:01am

If you want to burn this CD, please use the waterrace_german.bin.sit bin/cue pair of files to create a mixed-mode CD-ROM.

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2011, March 22 - 12:55pm

The publisher's website is archived here:

That includes the downloads section! They made other products too.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2011, March 21 - 7:17pm

Btw, you can d/l the given non-english version (which is 1.0 ), and just add water, um, the (current) update 1.0.3 to the game copied to hard disk. It works language-independent.

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2011, March 21 - 4:10pm

Thanks for uploading this, IIGS User. I think I found it at some point, maybe just a demo, but I got sidetracked before I could upload it. I will check to see if I can find an updater for it now...

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2011, March 20 - 6:43pm

I've found another link for Waterrace, specifying a version 1.1 of this game:

If anyone got the Updater 1.1 for the full version, please add!

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2011, March 20 - 6:34pm

I've experimented a bit with this game to get it run within SheepShaver.
I know for sure I ran it with an older version of SheepShaver on a PowerPC G4 Mac, but the current version of SheepShaver will not run this game.

I've re-activated my PowerBook Pismo, which is highly recommended to run this game, experimenting with different settings, then I moved its Preferences file into SheepShaver
(D/L the Preferences file linked above as long as it not will be removed by anyone).
Resulting in no longer crashing SheepShaver, but at least showing a msg box 'Cannot set display state'.
If it only had worked this way... Smile