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Wallobee Jack: The Lost Lionardo

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wj_lostlion.iso_.sit (126.87 MB)
MD5: 9af47d6ac3f07027aab44f129776aba1
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This is an interactive cartoon adventure for kids of ages 4 and up filled with lush graphics, animated surprises, outrageous accents and perplexing puzzles that will test your skills and keep you on your toes. The object of the game is to solve visual and audio puzzles to aid our two heroes, Wallobee Jack (an Australian kangaroo with a native accent) and Francesca Felini (an American cat), to scurry about the French countryside and find a lost painting of Lionardo DaVinci. You must also find hidden surprises to impede the progress of Wallobee Jack's nemesis, Dagon (a feisty crocodile). Also trying to foil our heroes are Felix De LaVictoire, a French descendant of Lionardo, and his two henchmen, Theo and Ruffus. If Wallobee and Francesca need help solving a puzzle to get a clue, the cursor becomes a hand which the player uses to touch objects on the screen. When Dagon comes on the screen, the cursor becomes a magnifying lens which should be moved around the screen to find a hotspot. When the cursor is over the hotspot for that scene, it will turn into an Acme bomb. Clicking the cursor will trigger an animated sequence which foils Dagon in his quest for clues (Adventure Legends).

The CD contains an English version only, unlike the companion title Wallobee Jack: The Bingi Burra Stone.

Hybrid Mac/PC .iso image, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

Architecture: 68k

Color Mac (Color Classic, LCII and up)
Mac OS 7.0
2.5 MB RAM