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Waku_Demo.sit (243.00 KB)
MD5: 67de501733420f4fe2d6dceaf26ed26d
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9

You play the character of Waku - a gelatin burning, whip cream eating, purple, half bird, half dragon creature. The object of the game is to eat all of the whip cream. To do this you must move your character so that is touches the whip cream. When all whip cream is gone on a level, you move up to the next level.

Waku is a platform action game in which you can move left/right, jump low and high (called "fly" in-game) and throw flames (you're a dragon!)

Waku features background music and a colorful level design.


This is the demo version. We are looking for the full version. If you have it, please upload it on this page.


Architecture: 68k

At least 1 MB of free RAM.