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Trudy's Time & Place House

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Trudy makes exploring time and geography fun in the exciting CD by Edmark.

Trudy's house has five fun places to visit and explore. Kids can play in two modes designed to enhance creativity and learning. In Explore and Discover Mode children play freely and learn by encountering and experimenting. Question and Answer mode challenges children to apply what they have learned.

The time twins, Analog Ann and Digital Dan are ready to play. Children can change time on one clock and see the same time on the other clock. Dan and Ann will also ask children to set matching times on their twins in full, half and quarter hours.

Kids learn directions, North, South, East and West, left, right and forward and also how to follow direction when they play with Joe Crow. Joe needs help directing ants to find jellybeans.

The Calendar Clock lets kids play with time by changing months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Changes are depicted in an animated movie that run forward and backwards.

Children learn about map symbols playing in the sandbox. Kids place symbols on a map and watch rivers, lakes, roads and cities grow. Combining symbols lets kids create railroad tunnels, bridges and towns.

Exploring the earth has never been so much fun. Kids blastoff with Astro-mouse to discover continents, oceans and famous landmarks. The earth is represented by a 3 dimensional globe kids can rotate and maps. Children learn the relationship between the earth, a globe and world maps. Kids can take pictures of their favorite place to print and color.

Kids, 3-6, love to explore and discover with Trudy.

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macfuntimes's picture
by macfuntimes - 2012, February 7 - 8:36pm

Sadly, no more megaupload. I'm really interested in this software though. Could you repost on a different site, please? Thanks so much!

pagan's picture
by pagan - 2011, April 19 - 7:20pm

Thanks, the Edmark series is great for kids.