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Troubled Souls

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troubled_souls.sit (1.41 MB)
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Basilisk II,

A mix of Pipe Dream, Chiral, and some beautifully morbid graphics inspired by H.R. Giger, Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. Top notch sound effects and music makes Troubled Souls a very polished, and playable, game.

Architecture: 68k PPC

Minimum Requirements


by Venatius - 2015, September 1 - 2:27am

Derivative gameplay (it's basically straight-up pipe dream), but with a great gloomy, gothic aesthetic and ambiance that really adds a lot to it. The BGM is kind of repetitive, but I find it weirdly enjoyable.

President People's picture
by President People - 2012, March 18 - 8:37pm

I remember my mom always playing this game back in the day. She'd probably still be playing it if Macs still supported classic. : P

The atmosphere creeped me out as a kid, but I thought it was weirdly cool at the same time.

Randy Reddig also worked on Marathon Infinity, which features some familiar lettering. : )

by CyBrChRsT - 2010, August 6 - 11:22am

O M G!!! I've been looking all over the net for a copy of this game to buy for the last 15 years! I was really crossing my fingers when I stumbled upon this domain in a post on thepiratebay there was a chance this game would be here. I truely have gotten way more than I bargained for with my visit between all the OS listings and now this. Thnx so much for this great priceless resource u have donated to us all old schoolers who grew up with all these great things. I was 17 when I had this and last played it. Bought this at Best Buy along with Wolfenstein 3D.