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Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
TropicoMuchoMacho1.sit (529.29 MB)
MD5: 1c06918aa6369a11c43dfc1cd52e728d
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
TropicoMuchoMacho2.sit (645.79 MB)
MD5: c1ec8497e16186c6e1b390133e92ab21
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
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The original Tropico, plus the Tropico Paradise Island expansion, plus a few other extras.

A note about the downloads available from above:

  1. file is Tropico Mucho Macho CD1
  2. file is Tropico Mucho Macho CD2
    1. Toast images, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

This is a Mac-only CD-ROM release.

Minimum Requirements:

Mac OS 9.1 or later
Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later
350MHz G3 or faster
400MB hard disk
Thousands of colours
800x600 resolution

This plays a dream on my 8-core Mac Pro, under OS X 10.5, so it's looking good for all of us.


LookAThreeHeadedMonkey's picture
by LookAThreeHeade... - 2018, May 14 - 8:46pm

For some reason, CD-2 won't finish the installation successfully, so now I'm left with an unplayable game with no game data. Can somebody please help?

(P.S. I'm installing this one a late 2005 PowerMac G5 with OS 10.5.6 installed.)

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, May 16 - 8:45pm

Start by telling us which Mac you have ? And which OS ? How much RAM ?

Can we assume that you had no issues at all uncompressing the .toast.sit ? Which version of Stuffit did you use ? Which version of Toast did you use to mount the images ? Which installer gives you this message ?

poneill0511's picture
by poneill0511 - 2010, May 16 - 4:30pm

I'm confused as to how to install this. What is with the .toast.sit file? Everytime I try and install it, it gives me the message "Could not locate a match for a search speicified by this installer. Installation cannot continue." Please help! Thank you!

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, February 13 - 3:31pm

Of course, you're right. I still had the file I attempted to upload, it throws out a warning when I decompress it, and Toast and DiskImageMounter don't like it. Must have been an issue with the Stuffit compression.

I've just re-imaged the original CD (using OSX Disk Utility) and it mounts perfectly. I'll re-image with Toast and try compressing again. I'll test it this time too.

I can understand your frustation, but remember, for every minute you spend trying to get it to work, I've spent an hour imaging, compressing and uploading to MegaUpload (zzzzz - it's not quick). Upload tonight.

legacytyphoon's picture
by legacytyphoon - 2010, February 10 - 7:02am

The second disk seems to be corrupt. I've tried downloading it a few times and decompressing it with different applications.