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Troggle Trouble Math

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troggle_trouble.toast_.sit (26.84 MB)
MD5: 12633631afd3a007983bc092f3946f6a
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6
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This game works with: Basilisk II,

Troggle Trouble Math is a 1994 educational game by MECC, the legendary edutainment company responsible for classics like The Oregon Trail and the Munchers series. This game is an action-adventure spinoff of the Muncher games featuring the scientist Magenta and her dog Sparky as they try to rescue the Muncher from the evil Dr. Frankentroggle. Rather than presenting problems to answer, Troggle Trouble Math makes players explore a handful of stages (some repeated) and solve story problems to find items important to tracking down the Troggles. Incidental events force players (from grades 1 through 7) to make their own math problems and quickly solve equations.

Architecture: 68k x86 (Windows)

The graphics run at the speed of the graphics processor. So this game works best on a real machine with a CPU speed of around or under 100MHz. For example, ran great on a Performa 6250CD (75 MHz 603e).

System requirements Mac:
Motorola 68030, Mac OS 7

System requirements PC:
80486SX/25MHz, DOS 5.0/Windows 3.1, Sound card

Common requirements:
4 MB of RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive, 640 x 480 pixels with 256 colors


Katie Cadet's picture
by Katie Cadet - 2018, April 4 - 6:13pm

Could you check to see if G3 Throttle would let Troggle Trouble Math work on any iMac G3/PowerBook G3/Power Macintosh G3/iBook G3 with any Mac OS? I've tested this using Mac OS 8.6 on a Power Macintosh 7500/100 and it works OK with some minor flaws, but the recent comment of mine from October 2017 said that "G3 processors and Mac OS 9 won't do for this one", so I was thinking of this as a suggestion to people who are using their real G3 Macs on Mac OS 9 and thought that it was way too fast for them to play at a consistent speed. So, if you have a real G3 Mac lying around your house (emulation is already tested years ago!) and you are able to download G3 Throttle and Troggle Trouble Math together on the Macintosh Garden for testing on G3 Macs with any Mac OS, go right ahead! Thanks!

Katie Cadet's picture
by Katie Cadet - 2017, October 31 - 7:23pm

Yes, this game works on Mac OS 8.6 on a Power Macintosh 7500/100 (100 MHz PowerPC 601), but try to keep the processor speed around or below 100 MHz to get this game working as intended (but G3 processors and Mac OS 9 won't do for this one!). I only encountered a system freeze after I saved my game on Level 2 when Sparky howls and I pressed the spacebar just before the system freeze occurred, but still, Mac OS 8.6 is the only recent operating system I've tested for Troggle Trouble Math.

sfp1954's picture
by sfp1954 - 2014, January 1 - 6:23am

When Sparky howls to warn of Troggles hit the space bar - this throws up a shield.
Then feed Sparky a bone (move the bone cursor inside the shield and click) and he will tell you how many Troggles there are.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2014, January 1 - 6:10am

From the now-deleted other entry, which had Mac only:
Temporary Joe wrote:

It runs way too fast in Mac OS 9, especially when Troggles spin around you. To solve that, just do command-shift-4 as if you were making a screen capture...

...but it doesn't really save it anyway. Unlike the original Munchers, this one offers no real fast-paced puzzle movements, the calculator is poorly designed, and Magenta is a d****e.

It seemed so cool when I was in 2nd grade.

Me, the game runs fine in Bas. I had a system error 1001 when I try to run this in Sheep.
NativeChecker told me, the game is based on the 68k architecture, so I fixed this entry as well.

Nice, sfp1954 provided a hybrid image of this game. Smile