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Treasure Mountain!

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

In Treasure Mountain, Flutter the Butterfly gives you hints on when you see elves, keeping track of your coins and nets, and when you move up a rank. But watch out for coin-stealing elves, or else they'll steal your coins! The Master of Mischief must be stopped!

The Master of Mischief has stolen the magic crown and is using its powers to gather all of the mountains gold! To win back the crown, you must find treasures hidden along the trail and lock them safely away. You'll meet mischievous elves who will try to outwit you. If you avoid their tricks and answer their questions correctly, the elves will reward you with clues and coins.
Use your skills to discover the secrets of Treasure Mountain!

* More than 450 problem-solving questions

* Spoken hints, messages, and feedback enable children to play independently

* Progress to higher levels as the players performance improves

* Builds a broad range of age-appropriate skills

CD Download
(238MB compressed Hybrid CD)
Architecture: 68k PPC

Mac OS 7.0.1 or later
2X CD ROM for CD version
Requires at least 256 colors.


by 9646gt - 2014, July 3 - 4:54am

I remember begging my parents to let me play this at the library as a kid on Macs that were set up there Smile

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by amatecha - 2011, May 6 - 11:00am


jrmwvu04's picture
by jrmwvu04 - 2011, May 6 - 5:10am

Good deal. Thanks for this.