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Tony Quinn's Virtual Worlds/Galaxy/Universe

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This series of multimedia discs showcased the art and animation of Tony Quinn.

Virtual Worlds (1993)
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Virtual Galaxy (1994)
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Virtual Universe (1994)
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The content of Virtual Galaxy is largely identical to that of its predecessor, with some revised pieces and sneak peeks at Virtual Universe.

Because Virtual Universe includes CD audio tracks, it has been imaged as a BIN/CUE pair.

The copy on the jewel box promises "a dazzling journey into the virtual worlds of Tony Quinn." It should have promised "a sampler of what Tony Quinn was able to whip up while he was learning how to use his illustration and rendering programs," because that's what this is. One picture of canned cling peaches after another. Really.

And then there are the flying dogs. Well, they're more like brightly colored collections of cones and cylinders and spheres arranged into the rough shape of dogs. Doglike shapes that move over fractal landscapes in an approximation of flight for almost twenty seconds at a time! Bad synthesizer music!

This is exactly what people who don't quite know why they're spending a couple of grand on a multimedia PC are afraid they're going to get stuck with.

  — Wired, "CD-ROMs That Suck"

Architecture: 68k x86 (Windows)