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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
THPS3_CD_image.sit (546.87 MB)
MD5: b1cafb2c74c2c39d189587adaee70ab4
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
thps3_update_1.0.1.sit (1.75 MB)
MD5: e1dca8aa09b520e3b2b925754bea3923
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older games

A skateboarding game.

Mac CD image, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

The first download on the page is the updater to version 1.0.1.

See also Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

Architecture: PPC

MacOS 9.2.1 or later, Mac OS X 10.1 or later
Power Mac G3/G4, iMac/eMac, PowerBook G4, or iBook
450mhz processor or faster
128MB RAM plus virtual memory, or 256MB under Mac OS X
700MB hard drive space
3D Graphics Acceleration required (Minimum of ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce series card)
32 MB of video memory required


themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2013, November 26 - 6:49am

WOW, I didn't think they released this for Mac OS 9 -- WOOT!

Great work. Look forward to playing this on the G4 tonight!

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2013, March 23 - 2:03pm

Found the updater via the Wayback Machine