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Through the Looking Glass (aka Alice)

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For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This game is still available from its publisher
This game works with: Mini vMac

As Alice, you must outmanoeuvre a fast-moving array of enemy pieces on a chessboard.

Likely the first game ever made for the Mac, and the only one ever developed and retailed by Apple. The author has also released a 25th anniversary version for the iPhone.

I bought this game shortly after getting my first 128K Mac back in 1984. It was a lot of fun back then, and it came in really nice packaging that resembles a small cloth-bound book (which I still have). It never received much marketing by Apple due to the perception at the time that the Mac was not a serious productivity tool. Andy Hertzfeld wrote a wonderful article about the game's history on - [unknown reviewer]

This game, or at any rate a still from it, was shown during the Mac's introduction at the 1984 Apple shareholder's meeting. You can get the video of the meeting here. When I first watched the video, I was surprised to see what was obviously a game on the Mac's screen, given Apple's wariness of games on the Mac in those early days. - ibookworm

This package contains three disk images—the game as it was published and two incomplete pre-release versions from when it was known as Alice—plus a guide to its scoring and secrets.

Emulation doesn't really do this game justice; it is too fast even at Mini vMac's slowest speed. Play it on a real Mac for full effect.

Architecture: 68k

Unlikely to play well on anything above a compact Mac. Emulation is fine.
Will run is OS 9.2.2 and on a G3, but entirely too fast, and WILL crash at some point. Use a slower Mac and older OS for best results.

Type N for New Game, Q to quit. Requires a black-and-white Mac or vMac.


slomacuser's picture
by slomacuser - 2009, May 17 - 1:59pm

The original packaging of game was really nice done and hard to get these days Smile

by Maedi (Disabled) - 2009, May 3 - 3:43am

@Steve Capps

Hey Steve, great to hear from you! Let me know if you've got any questions or thoughts on the new Garden.

Best wishes,

by Steve Capps (not verified) - 2009, May 3 - 3:01am

[Thanks to the guys over at for sending me here.]

I found on MiniMac even at the slowest clock speed, this remains as impossible to play as ever.

Also, the lack of sound effects or music makes it truly like a Chaplin film. The video on youtube ( seems to be audio free until that familiar beep pops up towards the end.