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Theme Park

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MacThemePark.toast_.sit (358.88 MB)
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Long before RollerCoaster Tycoon there was Theme Park. And just like its descendant, you are put in charge of building the most amazing theme park ever. Build attractions, food stalls and the all-important gift shop. Hire employees and make union negotiations; just be sure to keep your attractions well-maintained or else... Enjoy this classic game and amaze at what were the best 3D graphics on a computer at the time in the opening movie.

Plays in English, French and German.

Architecture: 68k

SSW 7.0 - 9.1
16 or 256 colours, and greyscale
Sound Manager 3.0 or higher recommended
Music is not supported on Classic II, Colour Classic, LC, and Mac II


Samwise's picture
by Samwise - 2011, December 4 - 8:04am

Wow EA, I understand wanting to make a profit and everything, but caring about Theme Park? Cmon, now.

closeddoors1559's picture
by closeddoors1559 - 2010, January 6 - 5:10pm

I have this game for Windows. I hope I can get this on my PB1400.

GewoonDaan's picture
by GewoonDaan - 2009, October 27 - 9:49pm

loved this game, only I always believed it was glitched as my parks ran smoothly up to a certain point where the kids just stopped coming.

watchsmart's picture
by watchsmart - 2009, April 19 - 12:52am

One of my all-time favorites. Much nicer than the later "Rollercoaster Tycoon" games. Although this game has way too much vomit. Just like "Sim Tower" is really just an elevator sim game, at its core "Theme Park" is really just a janitorial sim...