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The Tick: The Tick vs. the Uncommon Cold

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tick.toast_.sit (158.94 MB)
MD5: 1e082bb15b16cc9fc6895d952ee52d76
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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The Tick dispenses some big blue justice on your computer, adapting an episode from the mid-90s satiric superhero television series that aired Saturday mornings on the Fox Network. Through 20 pages of comic book action, you'll click frame by frame as you guide The Tick through his adventure. Each panel is interactive via QuickTime clips lifted straight from the show, simple animations and "plot clues," which add to the content taken from the episode with original content exclusive to the game. The story involves the invasion of a disgusting alien from Dimension 14B called the Thrakkorzog who plans to take over Earth once he has created an army of mucus-based Tick clones. But first he needs a sample of the eight-foot superhero's DNA -- which isn't so easy to obtain from a nigh invulnerable one! It's up to The Tick (with a little help from his trusty sidekick Arthur) to save The City from one of its greatest (and definitely most grotesque) threats. SPOON! (Adventure Legends)

Hybrid Mac/PC Toast image, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

Architecture: 68k PPC

Mac II
Mac OS 7.0 or higher
14 monitor with 256+ colors
Quicktime 2.1