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The Odyssey

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Odyssey.img_.sit (363.13 KB)
MD5: 1915d88e62ecc4360f5ced4805636e93
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

The Odyssey is a fun Macintosh-only RPG from David Larkin, a lone programmer. The game harks back to the olden days of Ultima IV, when RPGs were played from a bird's eye perspective, and offered a deceptively complex gameplay that would last for months on end.

In addition to a neat plot based on Greek myths and an intuitive interface, The Odyssey offers many cool features that are not usually seen in commercial RPGs - let alone shareware games. The game uses a unique and realistic conversation system that is reminiscent of Ultima VI, and offers a fast and furious combat system that is easy to learn, but requires strategy not unlike the Bard's Tale games to succeed. The writing is strong throughout, and the plot is captivating enough and different enough from dime-a-dozen fantasy fodder to maintain your interest.

A shareware game, the steep $25 fee for the registered version unfortunately got you nothing other than a hintbook. This shareware version for download is already a complete game, although some puzzles will make you wish you had that hintbook nearby.


If you do have the registered version (i.e. hintbook) for this game, please let us know.


Review source: Home Of The Underdogs: The Odyssey

Architecture: 68k

Needs monitor set to 256 colors before start, otherwise it will crash.


Natural_LMN's picture
by Natural_LMN - 2013, July 7 - 8:14pm

Can someone confirm that the file provided above in fact still works? I keep getting that the file is damaged. Though this is my first attempt at playing an old Mac game so I could have my emulator set up horribly wrong. Thanks!

Knight_Ken's picture
by Knight_Ken - 2010, April 18 - 7:01pm

Nice game but it crash sometime... in some area so i can't continue the game is there latest version or this is the last ver?
by the way i want to programmer continue their game because some seems unfinished..

Asar00's picture
by Asar00 - 2009, September 22 - 8:53pm

Played the h*ll out of this game back in '94/'95 when it came on some rag's bundled-in cd-rom. Very addicting for as 'simple' as it looks. For a completely indie rpg game, it doesn't suffer from the simplicity or moronic pitfalls other attempts of it's time seemed to faceplant into. In fact, it does add a few rare qualities that other action/rpgs didn't try to think up. It'd be a solid 4 stars for gameplay alone, but it's indie grandiose could tentatively make this a 4.5/5.