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The Magic Of Macintosh Programming Graphics and Sound 1986

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The magic of the Macintosh is its graphics and sound. The Macintosh's
ease of use and its appeal to nonprogrammers depend on its graphics.
Anyone who writes programs for the Macintosh quickly finds that learning
how to generate and manipulate images is an absolute must; you can't do
anything on the Macintosh until you can understand and use the QuickDraw
graphics package.
This book was written to introduce programmers with little or no
graphics background to Macintosh graphics and sound. The book has a
fair amount of technical material, but there's also a lot of fun with graphics
and sound.
The early chapters are very basic and deal with graphics fundamentals,
QuickDraw, making images on the Macintosh, and drawing text in
various type fonts. The later chapters address more technical subjects but
always with the understanding that the reader may be able to program but
has no prior experience with computer graphics.
The material is ordered so that a user can start writing programs
immediately without having to understand all of the details of QuickDraw
coordinates and mathematics. Those kinds of details are covered in later


Book in format PDF, open with Acrobat Reader.