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The Macintosh Font Book 1989

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Guides on emulating older games

M any books have been written about desktop publishing, the process of
laying out and printing documents with a personal computer. These
books offer advice on almost every aspect of publishing: word processing,
page layout, graphics, typesetting, and printing. But desktop publishing
is a complex subject. Because of the scope of these books, few are able to
devote more than a chapter to the fundamental building-blocks of any publication:
typefaces. In addition, in their attempts to cover both Macintosh- and
IBM PC-based publishing, many desktop publishing texts resort to generalities
rather than computer-specific tips.
Macintosh-based typography is a rich enough subject to warrant an
entire book. After all, it was the Macintosh-LaserWriter combination that
gave rise to desktop publishing. Ever since the LaserWriter's introduction in
1985, developers have been turning out a steady stream of Mac typefaces and
type-related programs. If you're a Mac-based publisher, you need to know
not only what typefaces are available, but how to use them effectively. You
can no longer expect to impress people by cranking out a word-processor
document on your LaserWriter; these days, you have to know the ins and
outs of type in order to make your creations look professionally published,
not just "desktop published."
This book provides a centralized source of information on Macintosh
typefaces, covering everything from the mechanics of installing and managing
a font collection to tips on choosing faces that work well together in
a design. In addition to discussing the typefaces themselves, the book
describes numerous utilities that enable you to organize, edit, and even create
Macintosh typefaces.


Book in format PDF, open with Acrobat Reader.


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by MikeTomTom - 2020, January 6 - 8:03pm

@AlexanderMac: It is excellent to get these publications from you. However, technical publications about the Mac, programming, fonts etc should be uploaded under the APPS section and not Games.

Thanks for these works all the same.