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The Jolly Postman's Party

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MD5: 5df8ea18f493fde2aabd4b06ccefb67a
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, QEMU

The Jolly Postman's Party

Following on from the success of The Jolly Post Office CD-ROM, The Jolly Postman's Party is the second title based on the best-selling Jolly Postman books. This beautifully crafted CD-ROM has all the fun and excitement of a traditional birthday party and is set in Goldilocks house, where the Jolly Postman is hosting the festivities for this well-known storybook character and her guests. The user can join in the party games and activities, which have all been created in line with the National Curriculum, to entertain and educate young users.

Sign in the Party Guest Book, help the Postman make the birthday tea, and play traditional party games. In addition the great selection of clip art party stationery allows you to plan and prepare for your own party, or design and colour birthday cards which can be sent to other users, or storybook characters via the Internet.

Key Features

· Learning Features

Developed with an educational consultant to cover a broad range of early learning development skills.

· Wealth of interactive features

Full of games, activities and original animations featuring the books' many characters, which will stimulate and absorb young users.

· Party Stationery

A wide range of templates and clip art designs to make up your own party kit of 3D objects and stationery.

· Draw and Paint Creativity

Design birthday cards using the freehand drawing tools, clip art, colour and type. Send cards to other users of your disc or use the seamless web connection to send the cards to the storybook characters over the Internet.

· The Party Guest Book

Original identikit 'Log On' allows separate storing of scores and designs for each recognised user making it ideal for use in a School or Club environment.

· National Curriculum

Supports the National Curriculum Key Stage 1

Maths - applying maths in practical tasks in real-life problems. Solving numerical problems. Understanding and using patterns and properties of shape.

Art - Investigating and making.

English - Speaking and listening.

In addition encourages visual discrimination and memory, hand to eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and Internet familiarisation.

CD-ROM Specifications

· Over 250 clip art designs.

· Over 100 original animation sequences

· Over 300 unique sound effects

· 3 games with user sensitive adjustable difficulty levels

· High score tables and printable certificates to record progress

· Context sensitive animated 'Show Me' provides help throughout the disc

· Dual format

Minimum System Requirements

PC base spec

486DX, 66Mhz IBM PC or compatible, 8Mb installed ram (12Mb recommended), Double speed CD-ROM drive, Win 3.1 (also compatible with Win95), SVGA monitor, 640 x 480, 256 colours, 16 bit sound.

Mac base spec

Mac 68040 33Mhz or above, 8MB installed RAM, Double speed CD-ROM drive, 14 inch screen or larger, displaying 256 colours, System 7.01 or later.

Architecture: 68k PPC

Only runs in 256 colors.