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The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist

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For Mac OS X
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Evangeline Baumeister is trying something new. She has hired the inventor, Klaus Werner, to create steam-powered machines so Baumeister Confection shops can create their own items. Evangeline will test this herself. In The Great Chocolate Chase: A Chocolatier Twist, you are running a chocolate shop with automated equipment. When a customer comes in, click them to show them the menu of items available. When they decide what they want, click the item to retrieve it. For items like bars, you have to grab the chocolate then place it in the molding machine. If they want a flavor infusion, you must do that as well then mold it. On each day, you must make a minimum amount on money. After each day, you can buy items to upgrade your shop's look and efficiency. As the game progresses, your shop will gain new items like milk chocolate, banana and mint flavor infusions and truffles. (MobyGames)

This is the version that was once distributed by Big Fish Games. MacGameStore distribute their own version.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

PPC G4 minimum
Mac OS X 10.4
256 MB RAM