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Tang Chi

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (83.81 MB)
MD5: f171b0cb4fbc8447125198196d7f10fd
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Guides on emulating older games

"TANG CHI from Capcom Entertainment (1995) for All Ages. Rated KIDS to ADULTS. There are 50 puzzles to solve in TANG CHI. The object is to solve all the puzzles in the time allotted for each puzzle while achieving the highest score! Once you solve a puzzle it will transform into an animated image of the creature or object the puzzle represents.

Play TANG CHI in privacy with the feature called the 'BOSS KEY'. When someone passes by that does not appreciate the challenge offered by TANG CHI, press the Boss Key and that person will not be offended.Reunite the Seven Pieces and Something Magical Happens

Journey into a timeless realm where the power of the mind makes geometry take on form and substance - experience the mystical power of Tang Chi. The ancient Chinese puzzle that comes to life before your eyes. Master the power inherent in the pure simplicity of these seven classic forms. Follow the way of the shapes to ultimate mastery of the magical puzzle known as Tang Chi.

Tang Chi is a challenge for agile minds of all ages. Play it alone, or play it with your family and friends. Play it at home. Or use it at work for an invigorating mental break that's completely caffeine-free.
- 50 compelling geometric puzzles of increasing difficulty.
- High-res 3D animations bring puzzles to life.
- 7 different musical themes to soothe your spirit.
- Multi-tasking for an easy break whenever you need it." --Capcom's sales spiel

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Download from Mega.Co.Nz
Architecture: 68k PPC


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2010, June 1 - 2:56am

Thanks, IIGS_User - Yes it has saved me a lot of angst after discovering that little Disk Copy trick Wink

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, May 31 - 2:17pm

Nice hint, Mike Garden, worth to remember!

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2010, May 31 - 12:09pm

Yes, thank you, I know what I'm doing, I was just in a hurry and missed something. I'll have the corrected archive up shortly.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2010, May 31 - 4:03am

> Actually it was DiskCopy 6.3 that did that.

A workaround to get Disk Copy 6.x to create HFS image files on Mac OS 8.1 through 9.2.2 (prior to 8.1 DC can only create HFS) goes loosely like this:

Create a Read/Write disk image from a folder of less than 10 MBs (by default DC will create a HFS image if the original file size is less than 10 MBs, it will create HFS+ with files greater than 10 MBs).

Unmount the image file if it has mounted on the desktop.

Get DC to convert the image file you just created. Choose Read/Write again and give it a new file size of the size you actually want, up to 2 GBs.

Now you have a writable image file, HFS formated and can be any size up to 2 GBs.

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2010, May 31 - 2:59am

Actually it was DiskCopy 6.3 that did that. Toast gives you the option of selecting format.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, May 30 - 4:38pm

Are you sure this item has been shipped on a HFS+ CD-ROM originally?
When creating Images in Toast, please be sure to check the HFS Standard option,
otherwise Toast forces to create HFS+ formatted CD-ROMs, unfortunately.