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Tabaluga: Die Suche nach den Zeitkristallen

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Year released:
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Zeitkristalle.iso_.sit (376.56 MB)
MD5: 071f654edb3734d754d44bf7d1e2cac5
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
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The little dragon Tabaluga and his friends have to fulfill several tasks and must solve tricky riddles to save the climate from turning into an everlasting winter in Tabaluga´s home country Grünland.
The game plays in German.

The game is on a hybrid Mac/Win CD, specs are:

Windows 95/98, Pentium 166, 24MB RAM
Power Mac, 100MHz, System 8.1, 24MB RAM

See also: Tabaluga: Die Rettung aus dem Eispalast

Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)


IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2015, November 16 - 5:01pm

Should we delete the ISO?


I zip my .iso files with OS X Zip, and I hope they're working fine.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2015, November 16 - 3:34pm

Made a .SIT (version 7) file. 3.6 did not reduce space and OS X Zip may create issues, methinks.
Should we delete the ISO?

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2015, November 14 - 6:19pm

Please zip or sit the files before uploading it to save yours and others bandwith,
and to make sure the file is not altered during up- and downloading.