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Super Wing Commander

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"In 1994, a revamped version of the original Wing Commander, entitled Super Wing Commander (SWC), was released for the 3DO. It featured new graphics, full speech and included a Secret Missions 1.5 campaign (between the original campaigns 1 and 2) with a follow up to Thor's Hammer in which the Claw destroys the Kilrathi shipyards that constructed the Sivar. Because of the full speech the player character is named "Armstrong", even though the same year's Wing Commander III would see the character named "Christopher Blair". Super Wing Commander reuses several 3D models from Wing Commander II and Privateer. Several of the ships created for were later reused in Armada.

Super Wing Commander was ported to the Macintosh in 1995."

At the behest of Electronic Arts, the links to this game have been removed. Forum Post regarding EA

Architecture: 68k PPC

G3 Throttle likely required for faster systems.


by OSH - 2011, August 28 - 4:13pm

Big Thanks EA. Now tell me, where I can buy this game. I don't knew, you are sooo greedy. This game is over 15 years old...really funny.

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2010, August 11 - 5:05pm

The site's contact forms never seem to have worked, at least not for me, so if you dig around a little you can find me here:

ADD: assuming this isn't some spam ploy...

by nucking - 2010, August 11 - 1:14pm

i'd really appreciate if you could contact me via my contact form, i'd really really love to ask you something about super wing commander

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by MCP - 2010, May 21 - 11:54am

I wasn't able to obtain this with full packaging, only the cd and it's jewel case inserts, but I'd say its requirements roughly are a Quadra or PPC, 640 x 480 resolution, 256 colors, Mac OS 7.

Maybe I3loodTeeth has the official specs.

Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2010, May 21 - 8:29am

Awesome, thank you for the upload MCP! Smile

Does anyone know what the minimum system requirements for this one are?

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by MCP - 2010, May 20 - 12:48pm

The mediafire archive is a Toast image and can be unstuffed on any system safely.

by I3loodTeeth - 2010, April 17 - 2:26am

Great game, I have the full version and will post it on the net somehow and soon. This game however needs G3 Throttle if your PPC runs at more than around 120MHz.


by rkmugen - 2009, November 1 - 12:41am

I used to have a copy of the Mac demo of this game, which came bundled on a primarily Windoze/PeeCee-oriented magazine: E2 (E-squared), otherwise known as Electronic Entertainment. They've since disappeared, like without warning. But they did provide some cool demos of PC games that were ported to the Mac.

With respect to this game/demo however, the game play kind of reminds me of Star Trek: Legacy, for both PC/Mac/Xbox, but a little less advanced. But the attack taunts and reactions made it funny as hell!

I always loved to open fire upon the home base, and then when I ask for permission to land in the base, the base commander said, "Negative, Maverick, do not land!" So then, I continued to open fire and destroyed the base!

HAHAH! >_<