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Strategic Conquest

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This game is still available from its publisher
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Strategic Conquest is a classic two-player turn-based strategy game for the Apple Macintosh, based on Empire. It was originally published by PBI Software and later by Delta Tao Software. Strategic Conquest allows the player to control modern warfare units. It can be played either by two humans, or with a computer opponent. It also has the capability to be played over an AppleTalk network. The player's objective in Strategic Conquest is to conquer the world. The world is divided into a rectangular grid made up of randomly-placed islands. Islands contain Cities, which are central to game play. Cities can belong to either player, or they can be neutral (neither side has conquered them or side that has already conquered the city has been removed by bombing). Cities are used for the production of units, which are produced at regular intervals. Victory is achieved when all enemy cities have been conquered or when the human or computer opponent surrenders. The computer opponent surrenders when the human player has a large advantage.

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The download URL provided at purchase is reportedly outdated. If you get a dead link, try replacing the part of the address with:

A free web game inspired by Strategic Conquest is available at

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kokujin's picture
by kokujin - 2013, August 7 - 9:23pm

can you help me get this going in Basilisk? I'd greatly appreciate it! Need the image as well please.

spaznat's picture
by spaznat - 2013, June 7 - 11:44pm

hey sent you a message on your wall.

gidwarren89's picture
by gidwarren89 - 2013, May 20 - 7:52am

I've got version 3. I posted it on here but they took down the download and replaced it with a link to buy version 4. Give me your email and I'll send you the disk image. Works on Mini vMac in black and white and supposedly Basilisk in color.

asevie's picture
by asevie - 2013, January 26 - 9:44pm

I've got the disk for version 2 and 3 but my disk for v.3 is unreadable. Version 4 is what they currently sell on their website but it pales in comparison to v.3. If anyone has v.3, I'll give you free hamburger for a copy!

manuelmarque's picture
by manuelmarque - 2009, May 23 - 12:00pm

I love playing this game in Multiplayer mode Smile.