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Strat Wars (screensaver)

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MD5: 6d14e478a9bea2330ad4b6fc5d9995e9
For Mac OS X
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This is like an alpha/prototype version (0.7) of what would later become the "Space Wars 3D" screen saver; I don't know how the two authorships are affiliated if at all. There is plenty of evidence the two programs represent the beginning and the end of a single project effort.

Strat Wars is an OpenGL screensaver that lets you watch a bunch of star fighters duke it out. After about 4 minutes (or the scene has gotten quiet for too long), the scene resets. It has shown no problems on all the test machines and all known bugs have been fixed ...

Really Really big objects ... The objects in a scenario can range from one meter to several kilometers long. Not only that, but the ships will behave (roughly) appropriately; small ships can skim across the surface of large ships ...

That's what's best about this version. In "Space Wars 3D" (2008) the "Mother Ships" are only slightly bigger than the singleseater fightercraft. But in "Strat Wars" (expansion pack included here) the motherships are like Separatist Battle Cruiser sized and there are ginormous Borg Cubes too. It makes you wish it was more than just a screen saver, that you could pick up a gamepad and strafe the motherships yourself. They take a pounding with damage seen as plumes of flame emitting from various places, before exploding bigtime. And the Strat Wars small fighters are obvious copies of Star Wars (New Hope) craft, which too can take a little damage before being wasted. Will The Empire be assimilated by The Borg? Will the Earth be scorched?

Strat Wars has its foibles for being a prototype. Low polygon count; no sounds; a few 'clipping' kinds of draw errors. Some of the fightercraft steering AI makes goofy looking paths like "a fish or a locust" the author admits.

The download has the .saver program containing one small scenario (x-wings vs tie-fighters) plus : one major expansion-pack containing seven more scenarios, the motherships, detailed outerspace backgrounds, even asteroids.

If anyone has information, higher versions, or other expansion packs for this, do chime in !

Architecture: PPC

No Leopard.


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by SkyCapt - 2017, September 26 - 4:16am

"Space Wars 3D" screensaver is still for sale, costing about three dollars. It runs all the way on PowerPC OSX 10.3 Panther thru modern "aftercat" OSX. I assume we can get Star Destroyer sized vessels if we apply their expansion packs to SW3D.