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Stellaluna is the enchanting tale of a baby fruit bat, lost by her mother following an attack by an owl, raised by a family of birds. No, this isn't an aviary version of Tarzan. Rather, it is a story of adaptation, acceptance, and friendship. This young bat is a rational survivor. Faced with mounting hunger, she decides to accept the unusual food offered by her step-bird mother -- a live caterpiller. And when she's told that she must do as the other chicks and sit in the nest, rather than hang from it, she complies. But Stellaluna's new life isn't all one of compromise and change. Her three young nest-mates become close friends, learning to share in their common abilities, and marvel over their differences. Some interactive books are highly edited and abridged versions. Not Stellaluna. This is a complete, animated rendition of the best-selling 1993 book by Janelle Cannon. (From this review.)

The CD is presented as a Software Showcase by the Software of the Month Club, and primarily features the game Stellaluna. It also includes the games Catz and Dogz, along with serial numbers

The download is a hybrid Mac/PC CD image, compressed with StuffIt 5.5

Architecture: 68k PPC


Miss Kitty's picture
by Miss Kitty - 2017, March 20 - 1:39am

Was hoping to get Dogz to run but no love. Catz and Stellaluna work great but there was some update Dogz requires between OS 8 and OS 9 that made it not work.

iBook graphite clamshell, OS 9.2.1