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StarFighter 3000

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (487.49 MB)
MD5: ef97c19f8ef8c98bc36f4c2333c6fc21
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (457.07 MB)
MD5: 06939be363d97b739149810c52a064eb
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (456.78 MB)
MD5: d89d7fd36c457989c8c4ca59cbdb0182
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
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Star Fighter 3000 is a futuristic combat-dedicated flight action shooter.

Quote from game's web site :
From the authors of Chocks Away and Stunt Racer 2000 ...

The year is 3037, your application has been accepted and you are on live T.V. being watched by over a billion people ...

Compete through 108 exciting missions. Battle your way through enemy defences. Control enemy airspace and annihilate all terrestrial installations. Command your formations through huge intergalactic battles over many different planets.

Earn enough to buy the ultimate killing machine, win cash prizes, even gamble your way to success.

Features a smooth blend of fast texture mapping and realistic 3D images, lots of in-game music and sound FX and a great mix of strategy and arcade action.

The fight is on, are you up to it ?

Notes :

The game is copy protected and can't be launched for now. The copy protection does not allow to run from the original CD either for whatever reason.

Version with bin / cue / toc :
Standard CD image.

Version with pack of iso files :
Each CD track separated in its own iso file. Don't know if it's of any interest.

Version with a dump of all files on the CD :
One folder for data and another for audio.

Architecture: PPC


scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2015, December 31 - 12:05am

StarFighter 3000 don't work on Power mac G4 1.25 Ghz mirror door 2003. I tried the game in mac os 9.2.2 but game don't work. It crashed with error 1. I tried the game classic environment of mac os x 10.4.11 but game don't work in classic. The game don't load in classic and crashes in classic and quit too.

lazarusnine's picture
by lazarusnine - 2015, September 5 - 10:43pm

This game is nigh impossible to image and/or copy. I have the original CD and treat it like some kind of long lost family heirloom. I suppose at best, a copy would work, but it involves a lot of messing around with Toast 5x. The most annoying thing in my book is that Toast (even modern iterations) use the annoyingly obscure .Sd2f file extension when imaging an Audio CD.

Anyway, if I could have been some help here, I would have. However, this game - as stupidly entertaining as it is - seems forever destined to exist locked in a time capsule. Another annoying thing is that while the game kind of *runs* on my PowerBook G3 Lombard, it throws up an Error Type 1 when attempting to play it on a G4 MDD. Both are running Mac OS 9.2.2. So, go figure. I don't know what the minimum system requirements are, but my next attempt will be in a PowerMac 7100/66. I hope OS 8.1 isn't too much for it to handle!

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, April 10 - 9:05am

UPDATE: There ARE working GLIDE Wrappers under Intel Mac OS X 10.6+ (maybe even 10.5).

There IS a GLIDE patch for the PC version.

I believe this is a DosBox wrapper with GLIDE wrapper built in (nGlide?)

Anyways, just so you know it MIGHT work in an emulated wrapper on modern Mac hardware/OS.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2014, July 31 - 7:20pm

And event then, it seems to be quite picky about the hardware used : I once tried it on an unmodified iBook USB, and on a dual G5, but here again it complained about the disc not being inserted.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2014, July 26 - 12:53pm


The mac that I last used this on has died and I can no longer check the system details. I will try the game out on my replacement mac in a few days.

EDIT: Well I tried to run the game but I could not try it out because the internal CD drive in my replacement iMac is broken and I have to rely on an external CD drive. Unfortunately, the game would not accept that I had the CD mounted even though it *was* mounted. I can only assume the the game looks for a CD mounted via the internal drive.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2014, July 21 - 7:12pm

I bought the game the year I uploaded it for two purposes : uploading it Wink and playing it in an emulator...

Being unable to succeed at my second goal really annoys me and since then I really want to give a try at cracking the game myself... I just need to find some time !... But finishing AlephOne port to the Wii is higher in my priority list and still, I rarely have the time to work on it Sad

What's bugging me the most, is that I used to have the crack back in time, but in a CD that is now unreadable.

Edit: if some of you (mrdav, nilobject ?) could start the game, it could prove interesting to gather informations on the type of hardware that was used (or SheepShaver's versions)

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2014, July 4 - 4:48am

thanks mathieu

I was just pointing this out due to passing interest. There was no need to research it any further, it was just an FYI. I am yet to play this game, and it appears due to copy protection, I never will (on the Mac anyway). There are patches for the PC version, and I have a 3dfx Voodoo 1 card (working), but the effort to get everything installed and working is too great for a passing interest.

Best of luck.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2014, July 2 - 4:17pm

I compared the content of the file you linked and what I posted.

Each audio track is approximately the same size in Mac and PC versions (what is strange is they are not the same size !)

Concerning the data track the PC one is 313MB while the Mac one is 207MB. It's quite hard to analyze the differences since the file structure is completely different.

The only obvious difference being the movies where in PC they take 144MB and in Mac they only take 123MB. But here again the files are not the same (it seems PC movies are sliced in several files, while there is only one file for each movie on MacOS side).

I suspect the PC version to contains English, German and French versions of briefings while the Mac version only contains the English one :
.The Mac version contains a Voices/American folder taking 48MB
.The PC version contains three files named BRIEF.RES FBRIEF.RES and GBRIEF.RES taking respectively 47MB, 41MB and 48MB

That's a (144 - 123) + 47 + 41 = 109MB difference that could help the Mac and PC iso file size to nearly match (taking into account the Quicktime installer present in the Mac version).

Edit :
Following this hypothesis, the rest of Mac resources takes 31MB, and PC has a STAR3000.RES file taking 30MB and which is the only other big file. This seems to match pretty well.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2014, July 2 - 12:48pm

hmmm, why is PC version CD 533MB compared to way less on Mac?

hmm, the RAR file from Sega Saturn site is 339MB??? The other downloads look about right.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2014, July 1 - 7:05pm

I uploaded the three versions I add put on Ubuntu's servers.

When I dumped the CD I did not know how to generate the best archive of it, hence the three versions.

Feel free to keep only the one you think contains all the bits and is easy enough to be used. Unfortunately, I do not have anymore a computer that can start and try the game.

I do however still have the original CD. If something better can be done to archive it's content, please let me know and I'll do my best.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2014, June 23 - 9:00am

Welcome back, mathieudel. A few things have changed here recently. You can now upload files up to 1 GB each directly to the internal server. Thanks for retrieving your files for re-uploading so that we can access them in the future.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2014, June 22 - 10:40pm

Hi all !

It's been a long time...
I just received a notice about the Ubuntu One account that will vanish at the end of July.
I started to grab my files back and once done I will upload them again.... If only someone here knows about a great place where to archive them ?

PS : Whow, my little girl really has changed since I created my account ! Wink

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2012, December 1 - 12:07am


Yes, removing the preferences file worked. The game no longer crashes at startup now.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 30 - 4:19pm

@nilObject :

I've just tried again and...well, you're right ! I must have shuffled my file the first time I tried !
Removing the link right now...

Absolutely not related, but looking at your avatar, you may be interested in the game port I started, and put on hold since a few months by lake of inspiration :

nil0bject's picture
by nil0bject - 2012, November 30 - 3:55pm

Try deleting the StarFighter Preferences from the System Preferences folder.
I tried the Saturn download, and i cannot see any mac executables/binaries. I might be looking in the wrong place.

I have burnt the bin to a real CD, then used SheepShaver under Ubuntu. The game begins to launch then crashes SheepShaver(as mentioned previously). I will dig out my 6200 and try to run it on real hardware.

gif and more Star Fighter info: from

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2012, November 30 - 12:16pm

I decided to experiment some more. I dragged the application to the hard disk and tried to run it from there rather than the CD, and the system crashed. I then tried to repeat what I did originally and run from the CD, and the system crashed. I rebooted and tried to run from the CD and ...crash. I shutdown and left it for 15 minutes, rebooted and....crash. In short, I can no longer run the game Sad Shame...the first successful run was OK...pity about the pixellated graphics.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 30 - 11:19am

@mrdav: That's good news. Now I have to understand why it keeps asking for the CD when launched from my G3 iBook with 9.2.2, even with the original disc !

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 30 - 11:20am

@themacmeister :

Well, a google hit for the Mac version was the holy graal I searched for until yesterday, when I found the 'Saturn' one.

Just to be clear : it is not a Saturn version that also works on Mac, it IS the Mac version. The bin contains all sound tracks and a HFS partition with game and data.

You can burn it using any good PC software, or you can extract each partition using bchunk on Mac OS X : bchunk image.bin image.cue image. It may also be converted to be burnt from MacOS X, but I don't how right now.

I'll try to launch it from SheepShaver, but no doubt the result will be exactly the same as with my own disc image.

Now, I'll have a look at all the links you provided. They seem very interesting !

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2012, November 30 - 11:15am

I burned the bin-cue (first D/L) to CD and used it in my PPC (G3) running Mac OS 9.2.2. From my cursory exploration, the game seems to work. Mouse does not do anything, but arrow keys work.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2012, November 30 - 7:23am

Does this run on real Apple hardware?

Interesting info here (from PC hacked version)

Good old HOTUD Smile!msg/3dfx.products.voodoo2/JH_w8Qgo0cY/n8uWDMcdy6MJ <--- GLIDE PATCH.

May be able to use a Glide wrapper and WineSkin wrapper to run patched Win binary under Mac OS X 10.5+

I am yet to find a google hit for StarFighter 3000 Mac... Sad ???

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 29 - 5:14pm

@themacmeister : Funny thing !!!

I've gone to the website you mentioned and downloaded instead of the riped version you gave me.

This is supposed to be the Saturn version of the game.... But, it is the Macintosh one ! I've searched for it maybe three years before buying the disc, and now you indirectly found it labeled Saturn probably because a PC user could not mount the disc image Tongue

I'm adding this link as another download location...

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 29 - 4:06pm

By the way, did any of you succeeded to launch the game ?

I tried one more time to play using SheepShaver and got two different behavior, depending on emulator's settings : it either complains about missing CD or instant crash the emulator.

I tend to believe the instant crash is an attempt to start using some unsupported opcodes. I could post SheepShaver's crash log but I doubt it is of any interest, development being almost dead.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 29 - 4:02pm

The hints PDF obviously is not the manual, but a compilation of tips I found on the web for the game. I put it here since information about this game becomes difficult to find. Two years ago I could still find a lot of them for the Mac version. Now it seems it never existed.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 29 - 4:00pm

For sure we could play the DOS version but, as usual, the Mac version is far superior when it comes to graphic quality.
Your idea of reverse engineering the No-CD crack of the PC version is a good idea ! I've not that much spare time those days, but I may try anyway...

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2012, November 29 - 10:27am

You can set up a DosBox wrapper for the DOS version...

You may be able to reverse engineer their No-CD crack as well?

nil0bject's picture
by nil0bject - 2012, November 29 - 8:58am

What's the deal with the Hints pdf? Was it the manual?
great use of ubuntu one!! i will emulate. gg mathieudel!

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2012, November 29 - 7:17am

Thank you. I have now successfully unzipped it.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 28 - 12:34pm

The zip was made on MacOS X 10.6.8
I tested them and had no problem to open them back. I will try again using another system and redo the upload if need be.

Also, I am pretty sure that at least the zip file with dumped files can only be opened on a Macintosh, not Windows nor Linux, or you will loose resource fork of all files, which will be bad.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2012, November 28 - 9:23am

Thanks for uploading this. On what system did you zip the bin-cue? I get an error unzipping it no matter what I try.

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 27 - 1:02pm

Anybody willing to crack this one ?

mathieudel's picture
by mathieudel - 2012, November 27 - 1:02pm

I will explain about the different versions on complete the description later...