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Star Wars: TIE Fighter

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TIE-Fighter.sit (273.81 MB)
MD5: 8620b2d0a18ee5ab251b5b4e4ee79f12
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This game works with: SheepShaver,

"TIE Fighter, a computer space combat game, is the sequel to Star Wars: X-Wing, and the first game of the series that puts the player on the side of the Galactic Empire."

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For Mac OS 7 - Mac OS 9

"A notable improvement is the flight engine, which supports Gouraud shading, an effect that makes curves and mass appear more realistic. There are many flight options added, like flight dialogues and messages, a message log, a list of objectives, ships' status and behaviour, a three dimensional heads-up display, a sub-target system, and other improvements. The HUD or targeting computer (showing a miniature polygon of the targeted vessel) was much lauded by players since it allows the player to see the target's relative orientation (and avoid dangerous head-on confrontations) and specifically target individual components such as weapons batteries. The ability to match speed with a target lets the player tail an enemy with less risk of collision.

The briefings are also richer. Apart from the standard schematic map, the player has the ability to talk via a dialogue menu to both an Imperial officer and a 'cloaked figure' - a Sith working for the Secret Order of the Emperor.

LucasArts released a demo of TIE Fighter in early 1994. This demo was based on an unfinished build of the game and has some unique features as a result. It consists of just one long mission in a TIE fighter against various Rebellion forces. The cockpit is not the same as that in the final game, sound effects are different, and the soundtrack is from Star Wars: X-Wing. The demo was sponsored by Dodge and displayed a Neon car advertisement before the gameplay began. It came on two 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy disks. The demo announced the game's release date as 'Spring 1994', meaning between March and June of that year, but it wasn't released until July."

Architecture: 68k PPC


Impish's picture
by Impish - 2018, October 28 - 12:15am

I'm trying to test out the cross-platform compatibility of different games on my iBook G3, for LAN play with my windows and 'linux with wine' machines. So I was just wondering, does this version of Tie Fighter have cross-play functionality with the Windows version?

Never mind, didn't realize Tie fighter was single-player only.

GarryB's picture
by GarryB - 2013, January 30 - 7:31am

Does anyone know a link to download the Mac version of tie fighter. I can only find DOS versions on the various abandonware sites.

NucAr's picture
by NucAr - 2013, January 3 - 2:47pm

Please see my comment in the X-Wing page of this site regarding these two games running slowly in SheepShaver.

NucAr's picture
by NucAr - 2012, August 17 - 10:35am

I've gotten TIE Fighter working in SheepShaver (with a Mac OS X host) with a disc image by locking the image in Mac OS X using "Get Info" and mounting it in SheepShaver via the SheepShaver preferences Volumes list.

President People's picture
by President People - 2010, September 10 - 5:42pm

I remember having a problem like that. After giving up, I forgot about TIE fighter for a long time. Eventually when I needed a new computer, I changed my old comp to an older operating system, and it worked fine.

luke's picture
by luke - 2009, December 23 - 5:59am

I love this game. This is probably my second most favorite game ever, after X-Com: Enemy Unknown. That said, I've got problems(obviously).

I'm running OS 10.3.9 with the Classic environment, on a PowerBook G4, and I have an actual TIE Fighter Collectors edition CD. I run the game and the screen goes nuts, it won't even show anything unless I open a window(IE 5 is what I open) behind it. When it finally get something to show up it goes through it's 5 minutes of intro cinema and deposits me in front of the sign in screen and that's it. Can't sign in, the sign in captain doesn't say anything, the stormtroopers don't block the door, and I'm stuck.

There is some rumor that to run this game in the classic environment you have to do some tricks(says wikipedia). The one forum I found using google that referenced this is down for maintenance. There was also some rumor that the same problem applied to Dark Forces, but i can run that in classic just fine.

I throw myself on the mercy of the mac masters, will someone please give me a hand?

TheWyldePanther's picture
by TheWyldePanther - 2009, October 23 - 8:00pm