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Star Castle (Intel)

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Another freeware clone of the classic 1980's coinop arcade game "Star Castle", with psychedelic color and sound added. It's not for PowerPC but is for Tiger OS so that's cool...

Download from the author’s web page where a donation is suggested.

For much older Mac OS Star Castles, see "Cyclone II" and "Cyclone".

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)

Tested works in
Tiger OSX 10.4 and
Leopard OSX 10.5
and probably SL OSX 10.6 maybe higher.
Requires "Intel" CPU, this isn't for PPC.


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by SkyCapt - 2019, January 27 - 10:28am

mrdav, thank you, I had not seen that particular page with its donation request.

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by mrdav - 2019, January 27 - 7:52am

I have replaced the game on the page by a link to the author web site. I am sure the author would want people to see his suggestion of a donation. When his page for this (or his donation request) disappears, or when we get to 2020, we can restore the file here.