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Spheroids vs. Lady Jane

Game screenshot
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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (1.09 MB)
MD5: 6f60dd2a5ffb3f375221c3ae490743c0
For Mac OS X
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Asteroids, albeit with perfect circles. "The spheroids are taking over star systems, hindering interstellar travel!" Intense arcade action, explosions and sounds. Focus is on gathering powerups that drift out from some of the exploding spheroids. Powerups work for only like about 7 seconds each, but when gathered they enter a queue, so for example if you gather 10 powerups instantly, then you're covered for around 70 seconds, with each flavor of powerup playing out like a movie, in the order you gathered them.

Game screen layout suggests a 2-player game but I can only get it to start in single-player mode.

md5 checksum and filename:

Architecture: PPC

Runs in Panther OSX 10.3 and maybe that alone.
Doesn't run in Tiger 10.4 or later, was made February 2005 before Tiger. Launches in OSX 10.2.8 but the weapons button does NOT work there.
Entire game program is contained in one Unix executable file, plus an icon.
The .app filename cannot be renamed or else it fails to launch.