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Space Captain

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Space Captain marks a moment in tech history that is unlikely to be repeated: the time a Mac-only game and its soundtrack debuted as a bundled floppy disk and vinyl record.

The 12" single Space Captain, by the eponymous collaboration of Mark "Darwin Chamber" Greenfield and Marcus "Marky B." Bachmayer, was accompanied by a game of the same name on a high-density disk. The player—or two of them in co-op mode—must push blocks into position to trap their alien enemies and the UFOs that spawn them.

The game's electronic music consists of looped samples from the first cut on the record, Greenfield's mix of "Night." The other composition, "Journey #1," is not heard in-game. The only review I could find of the bundle, from Elliott Smith on, suggested turning off the game's music in favor of the record, where "the material is allowed to expand and not just repeat continually."

Although the Read Me grants permission to distribute the game as a "shareware" demo for the music, the Captain didn't travel very far. The only place the software was archived seems to be the January 1996 Inside Mac Games CD, and that copy was irreversibly altered with a previous user's high scores. The disk image on this page was made from an untouched original floppy, of which the Read Me says only 800 were produced.

Architecture: 68k