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Soldiers_beta1.2.sit (2.22 MB)
MD5: f93dcaef89da7e072e93d2e9399cb121
For System 7.0 - 7.6
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Soldiers Beta 1.2 by Juho Ruohola

This is an unfinished version of a freeware game Soldiers. There probably will not be any major changes, since the idea is that the game will be easy to modify. You can change/add graphics, levels, objects, effects, sounds, enemies and lots more. Currently there is no documentation for the edit features yet, so if you have any questions just ask me. I might do some sort of instructions one day, so keep on visiting the Soldiers website.

Originally I planned making a Soldiers shareware, but then I realized no one would register it anyway. I truly hope that anyone playing the game understands that the quality is usually low when the product is free. Well, I hope that you enjoy Soldiers despite the limitations.

Visit the Soldiers web site for further updates and version history:

About the gameplay

The gameplay is simple. You move the player with the keys set in the options. From options you can also set the gamespeed. P-key pauses the game and Esc-key ends the game. These two keys can not be modified.

There are different goals in each level. These goals are set with the Soldiers Level Application (LA) and each mission briefing should have the mission objective mentioned so that the player knows what to do. The total amount of levels is 20. You can start the game from any level you have already finished, in the beginning you have to start from level 1.


-PPC processor
-At least 10 megs of RAM.
-About 5 megs of free HD space
-256 colors at 640x480 (1024x768 suggested for Soldiers LA)

Contacting me

ICQ: 11107771
AIM: Juho Ruohola

Architecture: PPC


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by mrdav - 2018, April 18 - 1:46pm

The link to the author home page is dead.

Here is a WayBack Machine link:

This only references beta v 1.1.1 so there may be another page somewhere for beta v 1.2

Also older an Mac OS won't know what to do with a sitx archive. An older StuffIt archive would be more consistent with the year 1995