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SimEarth_2.0.sit (627.66 KB)
MD5: d045260a1336b7f165b84ff6b2d5725f
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (700.23 KB)
MD5: fcac1a5ab59faf0387ab575da26b18aa
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac


"The most ambitious and far-reaching of Maxis' Sim lineage, SimEarth puts you in charge of an entire planet throughout its 10 billion year lifespan. Your ultimate task is to guide the planet's inhabitants into the stars, from its humble single-celled roots.

The main threats you face include pollution, disease, famine, war and global warming. The controls available to you include the chance to move mountains and continents, creating different levels of species, and unleash tidal waves and earthquakes so as to reshape your planet. All of these things take from your limited energy, which must be replenished."

First download is version 2.0, released with online documentation and without copy protection.

Second download is version 1.0.

Architecture: 68k

Mac Plus or later.


Purdy's picture
by Purdy - 2020, November 20 - 10:52am

Added SimEarth 1.0 as second download.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2019, June 3 - 5:03pm

Thanks for the hint, this is very appreciated. Smile

ann_arcana's picture
by ann_arcana - 2019, June 3 - 11:39am

The color version will complain about not running in 16 color mode and being out of memory on newer machines and probably crash, but you can fix this by opening the Info panel and setting its memory to something higher than the default 840K. I gave it a good 4MB and that seems to be plenty for it to happily run in Classic on my PowerBook G4.

alysdexia's picture
by alysdexia - 2018, July 30 - 2:01pm

The bad raters are halfwits who don't read the manual.

watchsmart's picture
by watchsmart - 2009, July 8 - 1:52am


Is this because we have made advances in UI design, or because new games are dumbed down?

j_damage•69's picture
by j_damage•69 - 2009, May 21 - 12:32pm

Its.... Yeah interesting. Smile

Dostoevskij's picture
by Dostoevskij (not verified) - 2009, May 21 - 12:17pm

Sim Earth is one of the games where you really see that gaming has come a long way. Too hard to keep track on what's going on, too many menus, too many settings ...