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Sim Cinema Deluxe

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MD5: f7c2a6a01dd1252e9149f9ec1d7c4bc0
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Produce movies and avoid going bankrupt.


This is an awesome game. 2 weeks ago I made a bunch of top 20 blockbusters directed by Uwe Boll; most notably Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Alone In The Dark, and Snakes On A Plane. I've also done some crazy companies and movies too; and yes, I actually got an NC-17 animated children's movie to work (critically bashed, broke even). HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Worth it for the comedy value alone.
  — Trail Snake

It is a shame it has been discontinued, as with added features like syncing with the IMDb, and submitting your scores and movies, would be awesome.
  — Yoharryo

Despite/because of how simple and stupid it is, this game is insanely addictive. I wonder if Stinky Poo Films will ever get over the disaster that was the Jeff Goldblum/Julia Roberts action film "Fairyland Elf Massacre 3D".
  — Senor Spielbergo

I set up probably four or five companies, all of which went Hindenberg in ill-advised animations with the voice of Jeff Goldblum. I finally broke into the big time with a live-action version of 8-Bit Theater. The mere fact that all these people are sharing their stories should tell you it's a game to make you go "Hell, yeah".
  — Nathan

Architecture: 68k PPC

System requirements:


ThinkIndifferent's picture
by ThinkIndifferent - 2017, April 12 - 11:46pm

A video of this game:

winterlight's picture
by winterlight - 2017, April 9 - 12:12am

Try this code:
Name -- vAll
code -- 334259217

I don't feel guilty about using this code because I can't get in touch with the author and all of his (her?) web pages no longer exist.

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2009, September 24 - 9:18am

What's the registration number for this game?

Asar00's picture
by Asar00 - 2009, September 22 - 9:15pm

Hah! Still have this game in a cave somewhere deep on my HD. Fun, for being a straight sim. Wink

Zebonka's picture
by Zebonka - 2009, August 17 - 2:37pm

My greatest movie was a Titanic-style rendition of the Hindenburg disaster. I managed to get $524 in box office receipts. I'm still peeved that I never topped that score...