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Secret About Box

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MD5: 0d484b80da4328cd86043341dfb83a96
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9

Remember the clipping 'Secret About Box' in Mac OS 7.5 that gave you the breakout game? Well you probably also know it was removed for the next Mac OS version 7.5.1. Here is that game, hacked from the Mac OS version 7.5 and placed into Desk Accessory format. Just like the original it can't be run in the background.

A video of this game can be found over there: Youtube/Mac OS 7.5: Secret About Box

Architecture: 68k


swamprock's picture
by swamprock - 2015, December 31 - 8:56pm

Actually, the story is a lot different than that. Steve Jobs actually worked at Atari at the time, and never worked for HP.

From an interview with Steve Wozniak-

Q: Where did the design for Breakout ­come ­from?

Steve Jobs said that it was Nolan Bushnell’s idea. He wanted a one-player Pong game. Steve described how it had to have bricks and all that. Now, it could be that Steve had actually thought up the design and sold it to Nolan Bushnell because [Steve] was very specific: the score had to be at the bottom. It was a real fun project. I’d already done Pong, so it’s really just an extension of [that] game.

Q: Did Atari hire you after that?

Well, Steve Jobs came to me and he said that Atari wanted me to design this [game], and I had only four days to do it. They had hired me, even though I didn’t have a college degree, and I thought I was the greatest designer. But four days? I didn’t think I could do it.

I went four days with no sleep. Steve and I both got mononucleosis, the sleeping sickness, and we delivered a working Breakout game. That was obviously a big classic. Supposedly, the Atari engineers couldn’t understand my design. It was just so beautiful and advanced, but they couldn’t get it. I never got to talk to them. I don’t know if they knew that I did it. They paid Steve Jobs, and then he paid me half the money, supposedly.

Q: Wasn’t there some debate about that?

Yeah, there’s some debate. So it’s a tiny thing. It’s only one thing in life, but he did tell me that we would get paid 700 bucks, then he wrote me a check for 350 dollars, and he got paid thousands. So, whatever. But he should have told me differently because we were such close friends. The fun of doing it overrides anything like that. Who cares about money? Well, I do care about friendship and honesty.

When Atari's engineers looked at Woz's design (coin-op games then didn't use microprocessors, but we state machines that used TTL logic ICs), they couldn't figure it out; it was so miniaturized. He had knocked it down to 42 chips. They didn't end up using it in the end and redesigned it with 100 ICs.

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by Elsie 3 - 2015, December 31 - 3:07am

History: Breakout was built by none other than Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. While employed full-time at HP, they picked up a freelance contract with Atari, which was seeking talented engineers to help make a more "advanced" sequel to Pong. The lead project manager offered them $750 each, but then canceled the contract because he didn't like how their design turned out. So they took their money and invested it in starting a mildly successful small business called Apple Computer, Inc.

Which, as we all know, was just another little side project to keep the boys busy Smile

So the Breakout game is more than just an Easter egg in 7.5. It's the egg that hatched a golden goose Smile

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by eg - 2009, August 21 - 1:14am

Classic! I remember this easter egg well Smile