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Robot Rover 1.2.4

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MD5: 9944f03c5e5612c4aa15b9ff4edc7027
For Mac OS X
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Robot Rover 1.2.4

It seems several alien merchants from a far off galaxy have robbed the International Trading Bank on Earth. Fortunately an Interplanetary Satellite Guided Missile from the Galactic Travel Police was launched in time to disable the rogue merchant's main engines.

Interplanetary Space Agency Engineers have concluded that the spacecraft's stolen gold coins were ejected during the explosion. These gold coins are now being pulled toward the Moon's surface.

A robot rover named Eagle has recently landed on the Moon to conduct research experiments. Your mission is to pick up all of the gold and find the spaceship.

This version 1.2.4 for Power PC for mac os x year 2007

Any Mac that can run Mac OS X.


Robot Rover SRR110-2001-1400

Architecture: PPC

mac os x PPC


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by SkyCapt - 2020, January 29 - 1:43am

It requires OS X 10.3 or later, and probably requires 16MB VRAM all the same as "Robot Rover 2".

This began in 2004 hence it remained PPC-only on into 2007. RR 1 and 2 are almost the same game, other than RR1 uses a cardinal grid whereas RR2 uses a hexagonal grid. RR1 allows you to rotate the 'camera' in 3D using keyboard, RR2 has no camera options.