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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Timegate

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rtcw-the-timegate.bin (119.99 MB)
MD5: df2cfb51d92be7d1409abcee77f929e4
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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An expansion pack addon for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" of 12 levels, single player mode. Created by Eugene "Priv" Basharenko, Sergei "BBald" Sleptsov, Dmitry "Vondur" Svetlichniy (Russia). Originally released for the PC only, this addon has been repackaged by MikeTomTom, for playing on PPC Macintosh, Mac OS 9.1 to 10.4.11.

The premise or objectives for this addon are:

You play an archaeological professor on a dig, in present day Germany. You uncover an artifact which is booby-trapped and entombs you alive in a catacomb hidden deep below the dig's site. You'll need to survive attacks from mummies and undead warriors to find your way out. At last, you destroy the boss demon and discover the Timegate, your means of escape. However, the Timegate transports you back in time to WWII Germany, where you learn that nazi scientists also have in their possession a 2nd Timegate with which they intend to use for travelling into the future.

Your mission, is to track down this 2nd Timegate and destroy it before the nazi regime can make use of it. But, you also need to use this Timegate to get back to your own time. Many challenges await you.

The authors of Timegate have created a game that leaves no-holds-barred, from mummies and undead warriors to elite guards, "lopers" and super soldiers. The modeling, especially of the vast expanses of the catacombs are sophisticated and awe-inspiring. As a 3rd party addon to a commercial release, I think it is unsurpassed. Brilliantly clever and action packed, extending the single player mode of RtCW by a further 12 unsparing episodes.

Archived as a Disk Copy 6.3 ".img" and enclosed in a MacBinary ".bin" wrapper for upload, created with StuffIt 5.5 (use same or newer Expander to extract).
MD5sum: df2cfb51d92be7d1409abcee77f929e4 *rtcw-the-timegate.bin

See also, the RtCW expansion addons: Arkot, Project 51, The Fortress 2 & Vendetta.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Requires the full game of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" for Macintosh, installed, to play.
If you can play RtCW on your PPC Mac OK, then you can play this addon to the game, too.

Single player mode only. No multiplayer levels.


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