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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Fortress 2

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the-fortress-2v11.sit (56.55 MB)
MD5: 280d90e7351c9e613c1c2729f8f038e8
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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The Fortress 2 v1.1 - A Return to Castle Wolfenstein (single player) Addon of 4 levels plus Intro's 1 & 2.
By Vicpas (Brazil). Originally released for the PC, this copy of The Fortress 2 has been repackaged & configured for PPC Mac users of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

This map pack is (c) by Vicpas (2014).

Archived as a Disk Copy 6.3 ".img" and StuffIt 5.5 compressed ".sit" for upload.
MD5sum & filename: 280d90e7351c9e613c1c2729f8f038e8 *the-fortress-2v11.sit

A fast action game and agent B.J. Blazkowicz has some tough puzzles to solve here. This addon also contains some new explosions and sound effects.

See also, the RtCW expansion addons: Arkot, Project 51, Timegate & Vendetta.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Requires the full game of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" for Macintosh installed, to play.
If you can play RtCW on your PPC Mac OK, then you can play this addon to the game, too.

Single player mode only. No multiplayer levels.