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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Project 51

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rtcw-project-51-img.sit (128.18 MB)
MD5: a3c019ef8f068576dcd2cb4f6960d80b
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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This is an expansion addon pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein of 9 playable levels, single player mode. Created by Eugene "Priv" Basharenko and Sergei "BBald" Sleptsov (Russia). Originally released only for the PC, this addon has been repackaged by MikeTomTom for playing on PPC Macintosh.

Archived as a Disk Copy 6.3 ".img" and StuffIt 5.5 compressed ".sit" for upload.
MD5sum: a3c019ef8f068576dcd2cb4f6960d80b *rtcw-project-51-img.sit

The opening scene is in the Russian language, there are only two or three scenes where the speech is in Russian (all text based instruction menus are in English, thanks to Vicpas's patch). If you don't understand spoken Russian language then don't worry, it doesn't last so long, the action is easy to get to grips with and its worth the wait.

The scenery in the countryside is beautifully modeled as are the village levels and the levels with ruins and bunkers. The action, comes hard and fast throughout.

The premise or objectives for this addon are, briefly:

You get shot down over enemy territory. Eventually you meet up with a resistance operator in an enemy controlled village, who informs you of your new task: There is a "Super Cannon" being developed in a hidden coastal factory protected by strong cliff-top fortifications. This development must be destroyed at all costs. Complete this task and make your escape.

Note: The fourth level is a "stealth" level in which you must locate and get onto a supply truck armed only with a knife and by avoiding detection at all cost. It is a very difficult level to get through without resorting to cheats.

Throughout the game, be very wary of snipers. They are crack shots and deadly.

Over all, the action is great, the missions are tough and well thought out and the modeling is excellent to look at. This is a worthy addition that extends the single player mode of RtCW.

See also, the RtCW expansion addons: Arkot, The Fortress 2, Timegate & Vendetta.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Requires the full game of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" for Macintosh, installed, to play.
If you can play RtCW on your PPC Mac OK, then you can play this addon to the game, too.

Single player mode only. No multiplayer levels.


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