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UPDATED! Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Chapter Launcher

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For Mac OS X
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For everyone on the Garden playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and who also have the Project 51, Timegate, Arkot, The Fortress 2 and/or Vendetta, here is a really nice little launcher that alleviates the need to move around the MacWolfParms.txt files to play the main game or addons.

You just put the launcher app inside the Wolfenstein folder.


a) This only works in OS X (tested in PPC 10.4, but should also work in 10.1-10.3)

b) The existing MacWolfParms.txt file needs to be removed/placed elsewhere to avoid a deletion.

c) UPDATED! Now also supports Arkot, The Fortress 2 and Vendetta, but only shows the chapters installed in the interface. so if you don't like one of them, or uninstall it after completing it, it will no longer show up in the choices.

Will keep an eye on the comments and if anyone runs into an error, will get it fixed right away. Also, if ANY MORE CHAPTERS come forward before the end of 2016, happy to add them, but won't likely be working on it after that.

Architecture: PPC


3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2017, November 23 - 4:24am

You know, as RtCW already has a mods selection menu this may actually be more useful on CoD 1 &2, which actually have a few decent multiplayer conversions available.

The thing that saddened me about RtCW is it turns out we computer gamers aren't getting the full game; the console version actually has a prequel mission/add-on called Cursed Sands. The Xbox version also had DLC maps.

artphotodude's picture
by artphotodude - 2016, October 11 - 5:50am

It is nice to know the "Mods" option is there, but this raises an interesting possibility I'll have to explore. I might just tell the launcher to search all sub-folders that contain "MacWolfParms.txt", then list each as a choice. This would allow it to dynamically add new choices in. The only downside is that the titles that appear would whatever abbreviation the creator named the folder - so not as fancy. Will play with it - might offer it as an option, alongside a fancy one with prefab-titles of the ones uploaded so far.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, October 10 - 11:20pm

It would be better if this launcher had a user option to add/remove 3rd party add-on games as needed.

But there may be no need to further update this launcher anyway, as RtCW already has a ready-made launcher built into the game - and it works for both OS 9 and X.

  • Easy to use steps:
    1. Remove any existing MacWolfParms.txt file from the RtCW folder.
    2. Launch Wolfenstein SP.
    3. Click "OPTIONS" > "MODS".
    4. MODS presents a launcher window where you can choose any custom game, whose folder is located in the same folder as RtCW.

The MODS launcher menu auto-updates each time you add/remove game folders and run RtCW.

That is; If you have the file folders for the games 'Arkot', 'The Fortress 2' and 'Vendetta', etc.; inside the RtCW game's folder, you'll see them listed for play in the MODS Launcher window. You can choose which game you want to play at any time, from within RtCW as it runs.

artphotodude's picture
by artphotodude - 2016, October 10 - 6:54pm

Hey EVERYONE - Am finally getting around to updating this to include 'Arkot', 'The Fortress 2' and 'Vendetta'.

OK - this will be the LAST time I have time to update this - does ANYBODY know of any additional chapters I should include support for? I don't have to have them this minute - just the name the folder is under - exactly.

32-bits's picture
by 32-bits - 2016, April 1 - 9:32am

Hello - will be updating to include Arkot and The Fortress 2 in a few weeks! Keep a lookout.

3371-Alpha's picture
by 3371-Alpha - 2016, March 20 - 4:53am

Pretty cool, although would be cooler if it supported Arkot as well. Anyone have the source code?