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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Arkot

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arkot_mappack.sit (76.17 MB)
MD5: d018d39846c6c46363f5164628a0a6b1
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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This is an expansion addon pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein of 7 playable levels, single player mode. By Arkot 24 (Russia) and Vicpas (Brazil), with some excellent modeling by Zigzag. Originally released for the PC, this version of the Arkot mappack has been repackaged for playing on PPC Macintosh.

Archived as a Disk Copy 6.3 ".img" and StuffIt 5.5 compressed ".sit" for upload.
MD5sum & filename: d018d39846c6c46363f5164628a0a6b1 *arkot_mappack.sit

The opening chapter's level is quite difficult, in that your opponents seem to withstand your fire for a lot longer than you can take being shot. Subsequent levels are not as hard but have some interesting puzzles to figure out before you can advance and certain opponents seem to have more accurate shooting skills than others. Be alert, learn to duck when necessary and you'll get through.

See also, the RtCW expansion addons: Project 51, The Fortress 2, Timegate & Vendetta.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Requires the full game of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" for Macintosh, installed, to play.
If you can play RtCW on your PPC Mac OK, then you can play this addon to the game, too.

Single player mode only. No multiplayer levels.