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Real Poker

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MD5: d4d88f20d911fac2ca0513944b04cf0a
For System 1 - 5
This game works with: Mini vMac

For a Mac-exclusive title, Real Poker sure is light on the graphics: it might be the only card game on the platform ever to use the letters C, D, H, and S instead of the traditional suit symbols. (You can get used to this pretty quickly, but I've hacked up a symbol-based version anyway. It's included alongside the original.) Looks aside, the game delivers just what it promises: instant-gratification gambling, served up as fast as you can click through it.

Real Poker is five-card draw against five other players with Old West names, distinct personalities and playing styles, in a saloon setting. Dealing and play are very fast. Game evaluates your hand, suggests cards to keep/discard. Dynamic, exciting, addictive game. $39.95.
- MacUser capsule review (rated 5 out of 5 mice)

After pressing on the saloon doors that are displayed after booting, and editing or selecting a name off the scoreboard, you become part of a six-hand game against opponents like Wild Bill, Black Bart, Shady Sadie, Mad Max and One-Arm Joe. The deal moves around the table with each hand, and is lightning fast. A menu option allows the card animation to be suppressed if you're in a real hurry to lose your money. [...] Overall, the game is well designed and a lot of fun to play, so we give it a Thumbs Up without hesitation.
- Semaphore Signal #17, October 1984

Version: 1.6

Architecture: 68k