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Reader Rabbit's Reading 2

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MD5: f94284bec30378c06df2b23c322ffd4d
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9

Reader Rabbit's Reading 2 is a third, reworked release of the original Reader Rabbit 2 (1991) and Reader Rabbit 2: Deluxe! (1996). It is an educational game, for children aged five to eight or in the first or second grade of the US school system, that teaches reading skills. The basic concept and content is identical to the original 1991 game, with most of the improvements in the graphic department which are entirely redone. Wordville where the game is set is running out of words. Reader Rabbit, Ernest the Train and Mat the Mouse collect words to fill up Wordville by doing four different activities: Alphabet Dance, Match Patch, Vowel Pond, and Word Mine.

* Alphabet Dance is set in a barn. There are four dancers and children need to look at the first letter of their names and put the dancers in the correct order following the alphabet.
* Match Patch takes place on a field where matches need to be created based on opposites, homonyms or two levels of rhymes.
* In Vowel Pond Reader Rabbit floats in a boat on a pond and watches fishes pass by below. He needs to catch the ones that have a word that matches the sound of the one shown near the top of the screen.
* In Word Mine compound words need to be formed by choosing the right one from a selection an adding it to the one on a mine cart.

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Architecture: 68k PPC x86 (Windows)

The downloadable file in this page is a hybrid PC/Mac disc image. It is playable on both Windows and 68k/PPC Macintosh computers. A display capable of 256-colors is required.