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Rainbow Space Donkey Escape

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RainbowSpaceDonkeyEscape.dmg (8.05 MB)
MD5: 0499d49884dee076c97fba3b67a08989
For Mac OS X
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"A simple wee game for Christmas. You play a rainbow space donkey, and you've got separated from your herd. Unfortunately for you, you're in a part of space populated by murderous Santas, who like nothing more than punching rainbow space donkeys in the face. Try and make it back to your herd without getting punched to death.

Complete with Newtonian physics, a Binding of Isaac-style item system, and *secret bits*.

Up: Propel donkey forward.
Down: Slowly propel donkey backward.
Left: Rotate donkey left.
Right: Rotate donkey right.
Space: Activate donkey's inventory pickup, if you have one.

Escape: Quit to menu/quit."

The game will automatically start fullscreen at your desktop's current resolution, with the game corrected to its desired aspect ratio. There are other game options for windowed mode, graphics, and sound.

Weird? Uh-huh. Psychedelic? You were warned. Get ready to hear musical notes bend, A LOT. Not for squares, and epileptics should probably shy away.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

OS X Tiger or after.