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Quake II - The Reckoning

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q2-the-reckoning.sit (146.71 MB)
MD5: f14f7d03ad9dba1646799ff843c02169
For Mac OS X
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Mission pack add-on to the Quake II game by id Software and developed by Xatrix Entertainment:
Quake II Mission Pack - The Reckoning, requires the full version of Quake II to run.

This copy has been extracted from the PC version of the game.
It will not play in the official classic Mac version of Quake II because it lacks the native Mac .lib's to enable play.

However: It will play just fine if using the "Fruitz of Dojo" port of the Quake II game player, made for Mac OS X.

If you have, know of, or even if there was an original classic Mac release of The Reckoning, please consider adding a copy of that CD release to this page. Thank you.

See Also: Quake II, Quake II (Fruitz of Dojo), QII-Ground Zero

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)
Note: Currently plays on Mac OS X systems, only.

To start the Reckoning mission pack, drag the "xatrix" folder onto the Fruitz of Dojo's Quake II player's icon to launch the game.

The original soundtrack has been saved to .mp3 format. When the game first launches, you are given a choice to play either CD, MP3 or MP4 files. Choose MP3 and select the included "audio" folder to have the soundtrack playing during the game.